Wednesday, January 11, 2012

MAKING A MARK: Espen Grundetjern - Making Marvel Cosmic Even Cosmic-er

Twice a week, Making A Mark gives an insanely talented artist some IADW brag-space. Today goes to the Norway based Espen Grundetjern, a man who when you think 'I'd really like to see if anyone remembers how cool Firelord was' not only pops up, be brings the rest of the Heralds of Galactus with him...

Meet my current wallpaper. Stuck naming them all? For those last one or two faces, the full list goes like this; left to right: The Fallen One, Terrax, Red Shift, Firelord, Morg, Airwalker, Nova, Silver Surfer, Stardust, The Destroyer (with a tiny Johnny Storm added in for good measure). Now that's a team of Annihilators!

I think part of the attraction toward cosmic characters, is not only the scale, but the colours you can put into practice while drawing them. A part of the Udon crew, Espen reveals in both. Especially with these drawings of Nova, and Gammenon the Gatherer, Arishem the Judge and Eson The Searcher of The Celestials!

Now for a Marvel man who may not be cosmic, but should always be drawn that way...

Forget that Magneto chappie, Dr Doom is and will always be Marvel's premiere bad ass - this image only reiterates that fact.

What do you think of Espen's work? To see more, visit his website For more Making a Markists, click here.


  1. can't believe no one's commented on how cool and kick-ass this guy's art is!

  2. They have now Dale! Thanks for that. I'm glad you like him. He's one of my favourites of recent too!