Saturday, January 21, 2012

NOW THAT'S A SPLASH PAGE: Iceman Goes From Bobby Drake To Billy Bad@$$

Splash pages, you gotta love 'em. A blank canvas where the artist can hit you with a large dose of illustrated 'wow'. This week, my top splashie of the last few months, ripped from the pages of Wolverine and The X-men #2. Iceman has just blown the roof off his powers by creating an army of ice-men to battle the Hellfire Club's Frankenstein army and caught up in the heat of the moment, he plants one on Kitty.

I love how artist Chris Bachalo handles Kitty's expression!

While sneaking an out of the blue smooch on a ninja-trained female with a pet fire-breathing dragon might not always be a smart move, it sure does show Bobby's fun-loving spirit is back.

With armies of ice-men vs a SWAT team of Frankentsteins, a living island, and a member of the Brood proposing to a mutant, you better believe it, anything and everything can and does happen in the pages of writer Jason Aaron's must read' X-book.


  1. Glad that Aaron finally made Iceman a bad-ass! it's been way past time!

  2. Way, way past Dale. This moment has been on the cards sine Emms Frost possessed his body and went on a spree. Good to see it finally arrive.