Wednesday, February 29, 2012

BY MJOLNIR! Avengers Movie Poster Proves Armageddon Is Great To Pose In

This week the next trailer for The Avengers smashes into the internet with all the force of Thor's mighty hammer combined with a 'Hulk SMASH!'. Teasing the event, Marvel Studios have released this new poster for the film, showing the world in chaos and a gathering of Earth's Mightiest it's only hope, just like all good Avengers movie posters should.

When you see posters like this, not only does the scale really convey what The Avengers are, but how well Marvel did with it's casting. From Chris Hemsworth as Thor to Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, all of them look like they've stepped right off the comic book page!


  1. Pensol10:08 am

    Now is a great time to be alive as a moviegoer. I think it is only recently - like post-Avatar - that SFx have advanced to the point where something like this can be done without it immediately devolving into a Wisconsin-sized cheese fest.

  2. Pensol10:25 am

    ...which makes the lack of a Wonder Woman movie all the more egregious!!

  3. Pensol - why we dont already have a Wonder Woman mythological movie marvel in the theatres is something I'll never understand either!

    She's one of the world's best known names, so the audience is factored in, and IMO her Warner animated DVD has been head and shoulders above any other that has popped out of the Warner library! If they followed that kind of tone the film would be massive.

    I mean Blade has even beaten Wonder Woman to having a hit movie. Blade. Sure he bet the X-Men too, but at least they weren't far behind...

  4. Pensol7:02 pm

    GREEN BLOODY LANTERN has his own movie before she does. Not taking anything away from GL mind you, he's great, it's just GREEN BLOODY LANTERN HAS HIS OWN MOVIE BEFORE SHE DOES.


    They should use the Perez run as the template or best of all have Joss Whedon write the script. Let Nolan, Cameron or Bay direct. Give Weta Workshop this year's Pentagon budget for SFX. *Sigh.* It could be so very EPIC!

  5. Blade was the movie that made superhero movies credible again if they ever were before. So says Stan Lee to Kevin Smith in the most tactful of way.

    Sure Wonder Woman should have her own movie but let's not play Blade off as nothing.

  6. OA you dont need to sell me on that one, up until a few years ago Blade was my all time favourite movie! The modern twist it brought to vampires even probably helped give ground to both Underworld and (cough) Twilight.

    What I meant above is that execs usually go for the biggest icons first, and on a scale based on non-comic readers knowledge there is a huge gap between the Daywalker and the Amazon Princess. Sorry for any confusion.

  7. It's a Dan's world and I love to visit because you are always up to speed and so diverse.

    Right now it's a bad time for me in comics, movies and TV / no media overall. the medeci always uses what we see read and hear as a tool for subliminal and psychological warfare.

    At the lowest level an excuse for weak writing, short sighted ideas or easy target marketing.

  8. Nice OA - thanks for the great feedback mate - really appreciated!

    Without getting into to much detail I've pretty much stopped watching '6 oclock' news coverage because I just found myself getting annoyed at the celebrity goss that was seeping in, as well as pr dressed up as news, and not actual news that the acronym for North East West and South was created for.

    I used to be a news-reader for a living, and all to well know of the behind the scenes demands by higher powers on what angles stories should take, what parts can be chopped to make it more exciting and fit within the bulletin, and indeed I have argued till I'm blue in the face on these issues many times.

    Now I just stay with a few documentary/current affair based brands I have come to trust and find reputable in an ocean of puff piece and negativity filled new nightly and politically slanted newspapers.

    Thank heaven for comics and sci-fi. Escapism might just replace dogs as Man's best friend.