Tuesday, February 14, 2012

COVER SHOTS: The Best From DC Comics' May 2012 Solicitations

The second wave of the new DC 52 hits this May and the bat-books flap their collective wings against an Owl themed menace in their first post-reboot cross-over! Of all the covers marching out of DC Comics' May 2012 solicitations, these five are the most worthy of a salute;

Writer Jason Aaron should never leave titles, we should just clone him so they can continue forever. Here Jock continues his stunning less is more style as one of Vertigo's current best nears it's fruitful end!

DC says: It’s the penultimate issue of the award-winning, critically acclaimed series and it all comes down to this: a Mexican stand-off like you’ve never seen before. W: Jason Aaron A: R.M. Guera 

(Click to enlarge)
Justice League Dark #9 - Ryan Sook New writer Jeff Lemire wrote a killer Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E.. If this book is as good as that and Sook's covers, my wallet could well be jumping over with him.
Earth Two #1 Ivan Reis - Alan Scott and Jay Garrick are back, but who else of the Justice Society will join them? Based on that cover, this second earth could well be ruled by Darkseid. Sweet!

Aquaman #9 - Ivan Reis. Man that Reis boy is good! This time on Aquaman and a ancient Justice League of Atlantis?! Hey, anything with a panther has to be good! Except Skeletor... he's just evil.
The Flash #9 - Francis Manapul If anything can rival a panther it's a vengeful gorilla. If anyone can rival Reis, it's Manapul. See how that works out? It's perfect symmetry!

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  1. I do hope Jay and co are back ... DC really are keeping their cards close to their chest on this one. I'm sure they'll be around, though, even if they're younger.

    That Scalped cover is just the biz.

  2. Thanks Martin - I hope so too. I mean what is DC without the mask of Dr Fate somewhere in it's arsenal or the eye of the Spectre looming over all. The JSA has too cool of a group of concepts to stay buried for long.

    And yip, that Scalped cover sure is the biz. In fact I'm starting to think 'the biz' is Jock's middle name (assuming he has a last one to make it the middle that is)!