Tuesday, February 21, 2012

COVER SHOTS: The Best From IDW Publishing's May 2012 Solicitations

May for IDW is a salute to legendary artists. There's a book about the incredible career of Sal Buscema, a new monthly from John Byrne and the behind the scenes, original pencils, collected edition of David Mazzucchelli's Born Again inclusive run on Daredevil! Of all of these, plus the madness of their usual range like the Transformers and Star Trek books, these five covers lead the charge to your wallet.


An infamous run on a another Marvel mainstay makes an IDW Artists Edition. This time with a character whose adventures are even better suited to it's colour free tradition; Daredevil! Sure it maybe pricey, but if this collection doesn't do a Moses and the Red Sea to the money in your piggy bank nothing will!

IDW says: "Daredevil Born Again. That title strikes a chord with comic fans who know what it means. Fans who know that it represents two of the finest creators at the absolute peaks of their game. David Mazzucchelli's superhero work had reached an artistic apex when this series was released, and the same is true for Frank Miller's writing. Together they combined to craft a story of extraordinary impact that is still regarded as a true masterpiece.

Collecting the entire storyline of Born Again, this book will feature the complete issues of Daredevil numbers 227, 228, 229, 230, 231, 232 and 233, plus covers and extras. Each page was personally scanned by Mazzucchelli from his own original art. This is the largest Artist's Edition yet, weighing in at a rock solid 200 pages of beautiful Mazzucchelli art in the way you've always wanted to see it -- the next best thing to holding the actual original art! ($95, black and white) W: Frank Miller A: David Mazzucchelli.

CLOSE CONTENDERS: (Click to enlarge)

Rocketeer Adventures 2 #3 - Darwyn Cooke Fewer things in pop are cooler than a man with a jet-pack, be he Adam Strange or The Rocketeer. Here with a touch of retro design, Cooke proves he's pretty untouchable too.
Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow #13 - Robert Atkins The Arashikage clan is out to take down the new Cobra Commander, but that can wait till I get over this cover. 'Yo' Joe!' the 80's were awesome.

Big John Buscema: Comics & Drawings - John Buscema Vision is the coolest Avenger period. This book not only prints the nearly 300 page collection of the exhibition of Buscema's work, it put's John's definitive android image smack bang on the cover. Behold!
Trio #1 - John Byrne Rock, Paper and Scissors bring one of comics' biggest living legends back to monthly super-hero comics!

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  1. That DM book is a MUST HAVE OF 2012!!! (sorry I'm a little excited!!!!)

  2. I'm there with ya Marcelo - I'll definitely be putting in my order. The price tag is high, but for this I'm sayin' it's worth it!

  3. i really like the perspective and pose of the Daredevil cover. the Snake Eyes cover feature Storm Shadow in a really cool action pose. but that Rocketeer cover is so stylish that it really hits it out of the park! that's a cover you can appreciate from the stand point of an illustrator as well as a graphic designer. so what do you say there mate?

  4. Sure can mate, like I say above its amazing what a touch of deign will do. I'm a big sucker for that retro war art at the best of times, but Mr Cooke sure knows how to make a bold image with really strong line-work!