Wednesday, February 01, 2012

FANTASTIC FOUREVER! 'This Man... This Monster' Re-Covered In Felt

In all of comics, few creative runs are as fabled as Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's innings on The Fantastic Four. Of that run, few issues are as fabled as issue #51, home to the seminal Thing/Mr Fantastic story 'This Man... This Monster!'.

The story of a man who selfishly steals The Thing's powers and ends up saving Mr Fantastic's life, while ruining Ben Grimm's proposal to Alicia, few fans have understood how powerful this issue felt at the time of it's release. Now, thanks to Covered blog artist D. Campbell MacKinlay, everyone can bask in the landmark cover's cozy goodness!

While comic fans and felt work artists aren't thought of as obvious bedfellows, you've got to be amazed at the detail MacKinlay has woven into the piece, right down to the cornerbox art and the Kirby-esque machinery in the background!

For 'the making of' this cover and more, visit David's own website and give him your heartfelt thanks, right after the jump.


  1. Whoa, where is this coming from? My sister is into this felt work stuff all of the sudden. Kind of cool. Warm and fuzzy, just like Ben's personality.

  2. I know what you mean L.T.! One of my closest mates has taken up all the older handcafts like knitting, etc - and I thought it was almost a endangered species of a hobby.

    While being a comic fan I can't really speak, this wee number shows just how powerful felt can be, especially when the two mediums combine.