Thursday, February 02, 2012

FATALE ATTRACTION: Phillips and Brubaker's Fatale #2 Out Now

My most re-read comic of late? Fatale #1. The pulp tale of a woman who through the ages has lived with danger on her tail and men's hearts under her thumb, was so hard to put down, I kept picking it up to find more clues as to her deadly motives.

Now the second issue is out in stores, and along with Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' usual dose of the Criminal element, it seems the hard boiled caper is only going to get richer and murkier before it gets any clearer.


  1. I missed issue one at my comic store! Arrrggghh!!
    Looks so cool!!

  2. It's wicked good stuff Marcelo - you'll definitely want in this time round!