Sunday, February 19, 2012

HANGIN' WITH JUGHEAD: The Archie Themed Engagement Photos That Have Others Beat

It's not that rare for two fans who love each other to theme their celebration with Luke and Leia or Wonder Woman and Superman, but like newly engaged couple Bryan and Anne suggest, why cosplay your favourite characters into the happy event, when you can take a page out of Roger Rabbit's book, and have them photoshopped and drawn right in there with you?

As you can see, their characters of choice were those icons of American culture; Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica. Done by the talented hands and minds of Visionary Photography Hub, the shoot which was part illustrated and part held at the very retro Johnny Rockets, works better than you'd initially think and deffinitly convey the couple's desire to be "spontaneous, fun and outgoing".

 What do you think?  Clever huh? For the rest of the shots in the series, as well as more work by Visionary Photography Hub, click the jump.


  1. That is a very cute result.

  2. They definitely would stand out on the mantle Aliera!