Thursday, February 02, 2012

HAPPY 20TH IMAGE COMICS: Here's The 20 Covers That Remind Me Of My Time With You

It's funny how the lifestory of one person or company can also reflect your own. Image Comics turned 20 yesterday, a MASSIVE milestone for any publisher, but little do they know that for yours truly, that's also about when I turned my favourite hobby into a monthly obsession.

In tribute to creative creator friendly publisher, I wanted to mark my favourite times our paths have crossed during it's legendary lifespan. Hence the covers. These 20 snapshots, represent the Image titles I've enjoyed picking up (if not collecting a run of) over the years, and in assembling them in a loose chronological order, I realise it also demonstrates my own evolving comic story as well.

So many great Image Comics have been cut short before their prime, it makes me wish the pulp-printing giant could do what DC did for it's event Blackest Night, and bring back some of the old favourites for just one more issue. You know, 'test the waters with a treat' kind of stuff.

Warlands, Tellos, Dark Minds - God I miss these books! If Powers (another Image mega-hit) wasn't hogging all the detective drama press at the time I'm sure Dark Minds would've met even more success.

While ego had to play a part in founders Erik Larsen, Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, Todd McFarlane, Whilce Portacio, Mark Silvestri and Jim Valentino spliting from Marvel and forming a seperate serious competitor themselves, I wonder if any of them realised in those initial stages, what a wide range of genres and styles the umrella brand would provide shelter for? Astro City? Kabuki?

As books like Saga and Fatale wet our thirst for what another 20 years of Image Comics will bring, I have to ask - What are your Image Comic memorable moments?

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