Monday, February 13, 2012

LEST WE FORGET: Reopen The Power Company

Despite having a first class ticket to ride, some of comics best often get left to wonder the platform aimlessly. In Lest We Forget, I pluck a limbo-lingerer from the station and pimp their reason to return. This month, the company most ready to buy-in to the modern world of the DC52 - The Power Company.

When corporate attorney Josiah Power's metagene is triggered mid-courtroom, he finds himself dismissed as a lawyer, but able to transform into a 7ft stone like creature, crackling with energy - one that even gives Superman reason to pause. Combining his two previous fields of expertise, Josiah creates The Power Company, set up up with a corporate structure as it's foundation rather than a team roster and one willing to work for whoever has the highest bid.

That structure I'm taking about was brought to life by a host of dynamic characters, including  associates Bork and Firestorm, standing alongside partners Witchfire - a pop star/mage, and Skyrocket, the former Navy member whose B-grade suit of armour, aloud her to show even more of the world the A-grade hero inside.

The Company's defining point of difference, the creative team. Kurt Busiek never writes a turd and he sure didn't start here. Furthermore what completed the books 'good, fun comics feel' was the accompanying pencils of artist Tom Grummett. This guy is ridiculously unsung in the comics industry! If you think Busiek and Perez went well together, then you definitely deserve another chance to check these two out in action, that is if DC will let you.

HOW I’D BRING THE POWER COMPANY BACK: Just bring them back already! No concept in the entire DC multiverse is more primed to hit modern audiences than a company of super-heroes and all the corporate plots and twists such a concept entails. Speaking of multi-verses, what about a company with branches on infinite earths?!

Just one contractual footnote I would add - use the original creative team. No one else could show Josiah and co. mean business like they do.

What do you think? For more Least We Forget candidates, click here.


  1. Agreed on all points, I loved this series. DC got it off to a bad start, though, by printing so many tie-ins, making it expensive to buy into.

  2. Glad I'm not the sound of one hand clapping on this one Martin! I agree though, the last kick off was a bold move (personally I only got three Josiah's, Skyrocket's and Bork's - as much for their League guest stars as much as anything.

    Hopefully should the company get founded again, the new DC will put that star power into one solid issue rather than a whole pre-series series!

  3. Power Company was a fine little series; to this day I cant understand a] why DC cancelled it when it was doing relatively well sales-wise and b] it was well-received by fans and creators alike. Certainly DC tried to market it effectively - those tie-ins fitted a broad range of their most popular heroes [I really only got the Wonder Woman/Witchfire tie-in tho as I adore WW]. Speaking of that lovely lady, how great was it to have her old enemy Dr.Cyber re-introduced into regular continuity - just a pity it wasnt followed up in Diana's own book.
    They had a good mix of heroes, did the Company. And the idea of them being corporate heroes for hire isnt exactly novel, this promised plenty of scope, esp as the teams leader - a sexy woman!!! - wasnt too keen on it to begin with. Of all the team, only 'mysterious boss' Josiah Stone and the weak Witchfire failed to excite me - the others, just fine.
    And Grummets art...just SWEET!!!!! His art was so crisp and clear and had a pleasing Silver Age vibe to it. He also did two issues of Fantastic Four a few years ago which were perfect and I wish he had stayed on. Anyone know what hes doing these days?
    Bring back the Power Company, I say!

  4. Heya Karl! You're right on note about Power Company and the always reliable art of Tom Grummet. He is one of the true workhorses of the modern comics industry.

    I can't 110% say where his most recent work has landed, but I know he's been hitting the ball out of the park just recently still, in the pages of Avengers Academy at Marvel.