Tuesday, February 07, 2012

LIZARD WARNING: Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Puts The World On Reptile Watch

Comic movies must be the in flu to have around Hollywood at the moment. Not only are they popping up left and right, but the moment one studio sneezes out a trailer, another follows suit a few days later! This time around it's the turn of the reboot The Amazing Spider-Man, and the villian Sam Raimi was building, but never quite got to in his spider-trilogy, at last gets to shed some skin in the dawn of this one...

 What do you think? 


  1. I'm a Raimi fan and wasn't happy to hear the studio was rebooting Spidey. After watching this I feel a lot better about it though. This not only looks as good as the Raimi films, I'm thinking Garfield makes a better Parker/Spidey than Tobey ever did.

  2. Hey Craig, thanks for the comments!

    For me I have to say the nerves still continue. It's hard to explain, but this looks like a pretty confident Peter Parker - very decisive and strong - which aren't characteristics I would've applied to Pete, especially at his origins.

    Mind you Raimi nailed the kind of Pete I think of so well, maybe sticking with the love-struck, downtrodden optimist type of dude would've just made a reboot seem unnecessary, so they had to tweak the character a little more, who knows?

    Still with the Lizard in it and Spider-Man, I'd check this film out even if it was made by apes, so my tickets still fully booked either way!