Thursday, March 01, 2012

MAKING A MARK: Daniel Scott Gabriel Murray - The Cop With An Artistic License To Thrill

Twice a week, Making A Mark gives an insanely talented artist some IADW brag-space. Today goes to Daniel Scott Gabriel Murray, a man who pulls double-shift in a way few can imagine. One job illustrates him as a professional digital artist, the second as a law enforcement officer on the streets of Maine, U.S.A. Do his illegally good work justice and remember to click to enlarge.

I dig how in both digital pieces above, Daniel uses almost the same colour scheme, yet comes away with two separately fantastic results. Mr Freeze is eerily ominous, while Alien is feral and furious!

"Generally happy with this one" Murray proves the alluring yet deadly nature of Poison Ivy needs no added sugar. One strong light source and encroaching shadows later, our green thumbed villainess has never been so sinister.

When you think Daniel's favourite character is the upbeat Johnny Quest, you have to wonder how he can nail the dark side of pop culture so well. Still, when it comes to heroes he ain't bad either, just look at this...

Cap, Red Skull, Iron Man (oh boy can this guy do Iron Man!) - Murray takes a crack at literally everybody in his portfolio, to the point choosing which pieces to profile on Making A Mark has rarely been harder. While Flash above is a personal favourite, earning him a spot, right from the moment I saw it, the main profile piece was always going to belong to this little lady right here...

Forget what art school you graduated from, if you can make a chick in a blood-soaked bikini, walking down an even bloodier set of stairs look all innocent and helpless, you have to go to the top of the class. Even if it is Vampirella, that's still talent with bite!

 What do you think?  Sound off in the comments section or click here for other Making A Markists. To sink your teeth into more evidence of this law enforcer's talent, visit Daniel's deviantART gallery here, or his personal website after this jump!


  1. this is by far the best making the mark artist you've featured in a long time. this guy's work really dazzles the eye good find Mr. i saw your comment earlier this morning and speaking of which i'd love to see a rendering of ROM spaceknight done by this guy.

  2. Dan, check your email asap i sent you something important.

  3. Glad you liked his work Dave, I thought he stood out from the crowd too. As for ROM, with all the rest he's done, there can't be many others left to do like the spaceknight. Plus his style matches the shiny...

  4. I grew up with Dan Murray's son. I was lucky enough to see pieces of Dan's work throughout the years. From some of the very first pieces I saw I was incredibly impressed with his talent; I would always tell him how awesome something he made was that was casually lying around on a table, hanging on the wall or something he was currently working at on his computer. Dan's typical response was to show me what a "real" artist's work looked like by showing me some other art he dug, displaying incredible modesty by inferring that his work wasn't worthy of such praise. This usually flabbergasted me a little bit, as Dan has always produced some of the best work I've ever seen personally. Maybe I don't know art, but from where I'm standing Dan is a true talent. I consider myself lucky to know him!

  5. Based on what I've seen Dom, I'd completely agree - In my opinion the best talent in any field is often the most modest, illustration especially!

    Sounds like he put the dedication and time into the craft as well - it's always sweeter when that kind of focus and drive pays off.

    Thanks for sharing a really great insight into Dan's work, and for stopping by It's A Dan's World! Hope you liked what you found!

  6. Anonymous6:03 am

    Hi Dan,

    Daniel Scott Gabriel Murray here. A friend of mine found this site and gave me a heads up. I just wanted to thank you for the kind comments and taking the time to post and review some of my stuff, kinda made my night. ;) Many thanks sir.

    If you're interested I post all new work at deviantart-dot-com. I could provide you with a link if you so desire, didn't want to use your site as a jump point without permission.

    Again, thank you very much. Most kind.


  7. Hey Daniel.

    Awesome to have you drop by and leave a few words mr, and believe me when I say it's more a case of 'No, thank you'!

    I spend a fair chunk of time digging up artists who 'Make A Mark', and for your portfolio wasn't a debate, more like a 'Hell yeah!' - your work is brilliant.

    While I have no delusions about the scale of my site, if it helps draw even one persons attention to your gallery then I'm set and sorted - and it looks like it is doing that just nicely.

    On it's debut, the post page itself had over 500 views in 24 hours and that's forgetting all those who saw it on the main page), and even as I type this, it's ranking third in the sidebar to the right as one of the most read stories of the week.

    Those people would've ended the post with the option to jump across to your gallery site at, so hopefully many took that opportunity. The talent waiting n the other side is unbelievable.

    As for the deviantART site, by all means promote it, in fact by the time you read this, I will have already added it to the base of the main article for future readers, alongside the existing one to ALPC.

    I'll definitely be keeping an eye on what lies ahead for you and please feel free to keep me informed in return. If you are ever keen on an interview about your passion, my email's always open to that too.

    Thanks once again for dropping by, your time means a lot, and I appreciate the great feedback.