Monday, February 27, 2012

MAKING A MARK: Noel Guard - The Man Splashing 2000AD Style All Over Gotham

Twice a week, Making A Mark gives an insanely talented artist some IADW brag-space. Today goes to Noel Guard, an UK based painter/illustrator whose mad work I discovered while trying to fill a recent craving for 2000AD and in particular Slaine. Within his powerful portfolio I didn't just strike gold, but suicide bomber penguins as well.

When I was eleven, I was introduced to Slaine and for two solid years it was all I wanted to read. I read other books sure, but the tales of the barbarian's rage and the worlds he struggled to contain them in, opened the doors for me into the edgier world of Brit-Pop.

Seeing him here, illustrated so well gives me makes me glad he hasn't been picked by Hollywood yet, as it forces people to discover him the same way I did. Mark my words though, Slaine will one day hit the big screen - big time.

With an obvious touch of inspiration from iconic artist Simon Bisley, Noel's work kicks colour all over the canvas, bringing explosive dynamic visuals to any location, be it Gotham, the world of Halo or Mega City One.

Intentional or not, I dig how on the Judge Dredd shot above it looks like Dredd has outfitted his bike with the head of a beast from Alien - now that's a winner's trophy!

 What do you think?  Chuck your thoughts below! For more Making A Mark artists, click here. If you want to soak up more of Noel's heavy metal based stylings you can do just that, either on his portfolio website or Facebook.


  1. Keep the art coming, always appreciated. Noel Guard is amazing. Awesome use of color. Love the detail. I'm gonna look for more of his stuff.

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback L.T! Glad you had the same reaction I had when I came across Noel's art - 'Give me more!!'

  3. Maybe it wasn't intentional, the Alien's head on the bike, but it sure looks like it :)

  4. Pensol10:46 am

    I swear if I could I would start a museum showcasing nothing but the kind of artists you have here! Outstanding work by Mr. Guard.

  5. Thanks Aliera - glad to know it's not just my eyesight playing tricks on me!

    Pensol, glad you like the artists I pick mate. Sometimes it's pretty tight finding them before Sunday/Wednesday rolls around, but Noel I should have got to sooner. I've looked for 2000AD fan art many a time and only just come across his Slaine/Judge Dredd - and what about that Joker?!

  6. Pensol5:54 am

    That Joker is FREAKY. I also like his Harley, who seems to be transforming into the Arkam Asylum version right before our eyes!

  7. Hey !

    Just to let you all can find NOEL GUARD on facebook or via his website

    Cheers :)

  8. Hey Noel - wow- cheers dude for stoppin' by and laying down a few comments while you are here!

    I had the links at the footer of the post, so hopefully readers have been travellin on to see more of ya work. It's pretty darn sweet!