Tuesday, February 07, 2012

THE ONLY PLAY OFF THAT MATTERS: John Carter / Avengers Super Bowl Commercials

If you're reading this in the northern half of the globe, chances are your telly was set to one channel for a few hours out of the last 24, as the Super Bowl kicked into gear for 2012. Even if you aren't a fan, you probably had to zip it in the corner while the game was on, and hold out to share the mutual rewards of the prized Super Bowl super-expensive for super-exposure commercials.

The Lorax, The Dictator, Battleship and more were all movies that kicked for touch, but the two star quarterbacks came down to Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Marvel Studios The Avengers, vs Disney's John Carter adaptation - with the title role played by Taylor Kitsch (Gambit from X-Men Origins Wolverine (see not all that film was bad news)). The victor of this inner house of mouse brawl for it all? Well you tell me...

Sure John Carter wins on soundtrack and husky voice over dude, but as Stark says, The Avengers "have a Hulk" - and that always counts.


  1. The Avengers ad: good, did what it needed to do without showing too much. I loved the Hulk standing alongside Cap, Thor, Iron Man, etc. Even though he still looks fake CGI I love him.

    John Carter: the Super Bowl ad was terrible. Showing the logo with a montage? You have to be kidding me. How does this explain the movie to non-fans? And was that Stairway to Heaven playing as the music? Now the extended trailer, which you got if you used Shazam and went to the Disney website, was much superior and I loved that. Totally stoked for the movie but I think Disney is blowing the marketing big time.

  2. WHOA!
    I may have caked my shorts...

  3. the John Carter trailer doesn't look very promising indeed.
    as for the Avenger i'm hoping for the best but praying for the worst. i'm not sure i'm to crazy about Capt. America's "cowl". something about it doesn't quite work for me and i really hope The Hulk looks better then that in the actual movie.

  4. Thanks for the great comments guys!

    I think the trailer for John Carter may have thought more folks have read the book then they have, and definitely could've done with a bit more plot - still though - wowza. Wasn't the theme track Puff Daddy's 'Come With Me' from Godzilla? Mind you that was probably sampled from 80 different tracks. Those monsters are crazy cool. Not saying Disney has found a new Pirates of the Caribbean, but who knows...

    Avengers looks cool, but as a fan I would've put money on the Super-Bowl trailer being where we saw them fighting side by side or the infamous rallying cry. For my money the Hulk while looking CGI still stole the show, that smash of the warship in mid-jump just ruled! Now we just need the thigh high boots of Ms Marvel to lower into sight...

  5. I'm thinking we're going to see some big time cameos toward the end of Avengers. Spidey's been leaked already, but I'm thinking Marvel's going to pull all the stops at the end, because it looks like the World's Finest may need the Cavalry to ride in. I'm hoping we get to see the likes of The Thing, Torch, Ms. Marvel, Wasp and Ant Man, Scarlet Witch, Luke Cage, Beast, and Wolverine show up to help and to give a nod to all those other Avengers that didn't make the first string.

    I wish Marvel had shown the full trailer. I think that one line "We've got a Hulk" would have given the spot a pop worthy of the Big Game.

  6. Hey Craig! Yeah Spidey is interesting isn't it? It's been leaked but Joss Whedon denies he's in The Avengers... still Bryan Singer also told us there would be no Wolverine in X-Men: First Class and look what happened there!

    I think Wasp and Giant Man are the next have-to-be characters, and I'd love them for them to bring Vision in with them, but that might be more grounds for a sequel then anything.