Saturday, February 04, 2012

SPOT THE DOC: The Snow White Back Tattoo You're Not Going To Believe

Snow White, okay so she's not the most featured female on the pages of this here slice of IADW, but by crikey when she's featured in tattoos like this one by professional skin-artist Ping, it's hard to keep her out.

Annfaye Kao, just 27, from Taichung, Taiwan, says the image is inspired by a dream she once had about her favourite all-time movie star and the wonder Snow White created in her as a child. While the 3 hour ordeal she went through to turn the dream into a reality may have lasted three months, Kao has admitted to the UK's Daily Mail while it was painful at times, she is proud of the result.

Including Prince Charming and evil Queen Grimhilde, you can try spotting your favourite dwarf right here;

 What do you think? 


  1. Oh MY God!!!!
    That is impressive!
    A wonderful job! Amazing!
    But who does want snow in her back for the rest of her life?

  2. I agree Aliera - but Im always surprised how many fans classic movies, and fans still have in modern audiences. Let's just hope she doesn't discover Wonder Woman - she won't have any room left to put her!