Thursday, February 16, 2012

YOU WILL LOVE ME WHEN I'M ANGRY: Kraven, Punisher And More To Battle Hulk

Never one to be green with envy, in May as Avengers vs X-Men sweeps the Marvel Universe, Hulk steps to the side for an unrelated fighting tournament of his own Stay Angry. Rolling off a new status quo established in issue #7, the upcoming story-arc in The Incredible Hulk will see the Jade Giant cross paths with everyone from Mexican drug dealers to Atlantean mobsters, bigfoots to Russian super soldiers (oh yeah, and Wolverine, Kraven the Hunter and The Punisher too).

While each issue of the anger management fest will be a relitively self contained shot of awesome, the five-issue adventure will see the Hulk venture into different locales, with a rotating team of artists to match. First up for #8 and Frank Castle's appearance, legendary Punisher/ Preacher artist Steve Dillon, with Pasqual Ferry set to follow suit.

Along with Wolverine and The Uncanny X-Men (Also a Jason Aaron written title) The Incredible Hulk is my favourite read from Marvel right now. The thought of this 300km an hour globe-trotting rampage taking over and Hulk having to stay angry in order to survive just get's me excited all over again. I mean just re-look at that teaser poster - like you can say no to that!


  1. I know Aliera - and I mean when isn't Kraven cool?! But pitting him against the Hulk? Now that's something you gotta see!