Saturday, March 31, 2012

COMICS' TRUE SHIELD-SLINGER: Man Of Steel Movie Debuts It's Superman 'S'

After a hectic night on the town, if you woke smack-bang inside the most isolated rain-forest on earth, chances are the tribespeople who found you would still recognise who the Superman Shield belonged to. Not that it'd help, but that's how iconic pop's biggest brand and super-hero is. Not just comics' biggest, but pop culture's. Now look at this;

Sparking the promotional fireworks for next year's Man of Steel movie, that same shield has been retweaked and released as the opening salvo of the highly-anticipated blockbuster's new Facebook page.

Personally, I have rarely seen the 'S' look better. The gold highlights nod to the primary colours of the shield's owner, giving his positivity and hope against the darkness a visible presence. The 'S' itself is softer, sleeker and more fluid in it's design, almost like that of the Mortal Kombat dragon, aided by some engraved swoosh effects adding a dynamic sense of movement.

Topping it off, the words 'Man of Steel' carry an airbrush like spark to them - for me a nod to the decade where the finest Superman films were made, the 80's.

While I'm betting Warner Bros. will greedily hold out on a trailer until The Dark Knight Rises hits later this year, so their main heroes can globally hog headlines in unison, we need more great Superman movies. Ones that show exactly what a super-man can do, while continuing to define the word 'hero'. Jumping the gun maybe, but I'm pegging the man who by comparison leaps tall buildings in a single bound, will do just that come June 2013.


  1. So looking forward to this. At first I wasn't too keen on the changing of the S, but I'm cool with it now.

  2. Thanks for the comments Dennis, you and I both!

    As for the 'S' it is a bit of a holy grail to touch that's for sure, but Alex Ross survived doing it, and I'm thinking this one will float as well :D