Tuesday, March 13, 2012

COVER SHOTS: The Best From DC Comics' June 2012 Solicitations

Vertigo's hit title Scalped comes to it's climatic end in June, but across the board the rest of the DC Comics range just keeps gathering momentum. The second wave of the DC 52 marches on and Black Manta is back in the pages of Aquaman. Oh yeah and one of Batman's key villains reappears for the first time too. Of all their June covers, these five take podium places.


Holy moly George has a knack for drawing the Earth 2 Huntress! Still proving he can take on any modern artist and beat them with one hand behind his back, it's not just the characters George Perez knows how to render, it's the backgrounds - just check out that tech!

• Learn what our heroes have been doing since they arrived here five years ago from Earth Two! W: Paul Levitz A: George Perez, Scott Koblish and Kevin Maguire.

CLOSE CONTENDERS: (Click to enlarge)
Batman: The Dark Knight #10 - David Finch and Richard Friend The Scarecrow returns to the pages of Batman's life, and if this cover is any indication, I might not be brave enough to look inside!
The Flash #10 - Francis Manapul Francis my man, I think if DC published a whole run of The Flash with the words un-printed in error, I honestly think very few would mind. Wow, just wow.

I, Vampire #10 - Clayton Crain If there was one guy born to draw vampires, let alone a lone vampire surrounded by a gang of sword welding aggressives, it's this guy. Talk about art with bite!
Scalped #60 - Jock With this being a homage to the cover that started it all, it perfectly brings the end of this great series full circle!

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  1. Damn that Batman cover!!

    I'm gonna have nightmares tonight! :)

  2. That's where I fear Virtual Reality comics Marcelo - then there might be no way of escaping Scarecrows frights! :)

  3. The Irradiated Man? Power Girl Vs. The Irradiated Man? So, is this really the pre-Crisis Supergirl Vs. Reactron? I'm sorry, but as somebody who writes (infrequently now) a Doom Patrol blog the number of red herrings from DP continuity (the Ant Farm in the Frankenstein series and the Men From N.O.W.H.E.R.E. in "Superboy", etc.) that have thrown in at random is really infuriating. Wasn't there just a character in Global Guardians named Vostok? Ordinarily I would assume that was just two Russian characters named after a Russian space mission, but now I'm not so sure. What's next, a street hustler nicknamed 'Danny The Street'? Why not a French clothing designer name Monsieur Mallah? If I thought for a moment that this was going to be the never produced story in which post-Crisis Power Girl replaced pre-Crisis Supergirl in DP history, I'd be interested. As it is, this is a bunch of little George Per├ęz posters in magazine form at best.

  4. PBL you know I'd never noticed some of those connections, even the ant farm, and I read Frankenstein! Speaking of the DP, I sure would like to see Rita and co back sometime soon!