Thursday, March 22, 2012

EAT THIS LEONARDO: Ninja Stop-Motion 'The Duel' An Incredible Onslaught (Video)

When other heroes find themselves outnumbered and alone they call it a 'suicide mission' (or in Marvel and DC's case, a damn good excuse for a twelve part storyline), but to ninjas, it's the status quo. 

No ninja needs a sidekick, a 'league' or friends modesty dubbed 'Earth's Mightiest'. A ninja just needs 'ninja cool', even if he's only 1.5 inches high and made from bright yellow plastic...

Not only is it an envious little stop-motion, The DUEL has the best sword-fight this side of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. Heck, found by the gang over at Topless Robot, it makes me wish I'd done more with my Lego as a kid then just build pirate stuff. Ahh, pirates vs ninjas!! Now there's a sequel for you!

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