Thursday, March 29, 2012

GREAT RAO! Japanese Subway Posters Highlight Superman's Weakness To Gum

It's one of comics most enduring images; Superman - The Man of Steel, busting free from being wrapped in chains, ready to pick up the never-ending battle. However, chains are one thing, chewing gum left on the subway floor is a whole other kind of Kryptonite.

Never being one to shirk a public service announcement opportunity, Superman addressed just this issue in a series of campy Japanese subway posters of the 1970's, looking like this;

Titled 'Don’t throw chewing gum on the platform' this poster from September 1976 shows Doomsday might never be a problem, but Kal-El is petrified of getting Hubba-Bubba on his bright red boots.

Other comic/manga themed posters in the range included the below Astro Boy; Humans are forgetful (February 1976) and Superman and Lois Lane; Don’t get your purse caught in the doors (March 1977). There's a lesson for us all there I think.

All these posters and the rest of the subway series are collected in the book Manner Poster 100, published in 1983.


  1. Amazing! they should adapt those posters to Portugese subways :)
    Much better than movies publicity!
    Two week ago it was Adam Sandler travesting everywhere. It was so tiresome, I decided I'd never see that flick

  2. I think they would make a good break too Aliera, and no where on earth does it seem people need reminding of manners then in a subway.

  3. Now that's funny as hell. Who knew right? Check out latest skits, 'cause I'm cranking em out on a somewhat regular basis.

  4. Cheers Dale - will do!