Thursday, March 08, 2012

HAIL HYDRA! Unseen Red Skull Painting From 'The First Avenger' And More Up For Auction

Bestowed with Earth's Mightiest wallet? Then you can bid in the Marvel Studios prop auction at If you are with out such an accessory, the auction is still worth a jump, if not just to check out all the amazing (and in some cases odd) pieces from movies like Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger, currently up for grabs.

The piece I almost broke my piggy bank for? The Red Skull portrait that spooked Dr Zola in The First Avenger, but we sadistically never got to see. The film's art department actually created an unused masterpiece for the infamous scene, and with a measly starting bid of $200(US) this jaw-dropping beaut could easily be on your mantle;  

Only Joe Jusko could do the bone faced dictator better - just check out those HYDRA medals! Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, this high quality digital print measures 23 in. x 33 in. 

Other props on offer include Cosmic Cubes, Thor's hammer and Steve Rogers’ prosthetic feet for the barefoot chase of Heinz Kruger (I'll never watch that scene the same again)!

Looking for a new wardrobe? The auction's got you covered, with Iron Man armour and pretty much everything ever worn in The First Avenger. Full Cap costumes start at $20,000, while three Dancing Girl outfits will set you back at least $225 - heck, the 'Loud Jerk In Movie Theatre' costume even starts at $200! To spend your disposable and not so disposable income on a piece of Marvel history, click this jump.


  1. Pensol9:15 am

    This will go nicely next to my painting of Vigo the Carpathian. Ah, how I love the classics.

  2. Ghostbusters II might be a classic Pensol, but Cap probably has a few years to go first. Oh, you mean the paintings? Whoops, my bad ;D