Thursday, March 22, 2012

MAKING A MARK: Robi Pena - The Spanish Artist Going From C.A.T.S. To Catwoman

Twice a week, Making A Mark gives an insanely talented artist some IADW brag-space. Today goes to Robi Pena, an amazing artist from the shores of Gijon, Asturias, Spain. In his portfolio he tackles different subjects in sets. Lastly, he tackled the characters of the musical C.A.T.S., now he's tackling comics. Lucky for us all...

It's hard to find an artist who doesn't have a shot of Hellboy tequila for his portfolio, Robi is no exception. The initial comic characters he's tackled all carry a heavy pulp tone - including Mystique - who will hopefully get back in the limelight at Marvel again soon!

Here, while the way Robi catches the twilight atmosphere in his Catwoman piece has rarely been matched, I dig the way he highlights the piece by legendary American pin-up artist Gil Elvgren that provided his inspiration. Make sure you click to enlarge!

Given Robi's love of iconic pulp and pin-up princesses, there is no surprise Vampirella lands within his gallery. She's been at the top of both genres for years! Taking a softer, innocent approach to the infamous vampire, Pena proves such style can still be as haunting!

 What do you think?  Sound off below in the comments section or click here for more great Making A Markists. To see Robi's fantastic gallery and a whole lot more, visit his website after the jump.


  1. you mean to tell me you can't post my Armor splash page (issue#2) because of a little gore!? look at all these boobs and female crotches you've been featuring here with your MAKING THE MARK features lately. not that i'm complaining mind you! Dan, it's times like this you're really living up to my nick name for you. i just sent you a bleedn friend request ya dingo :) get a chum or two and go see CHRONICLE. that's an order!

  2. LOL if these lassies sported disected limbs I'd have left them off too mate so don't take it to heart! Surely there's a ROM one out there that could fill the gap?

    As for Chronicle, I remembered this morning what that folm was - I had it mistaken for another when we were talking. I have already seen it, about a month ago now - but I agree - it was definitely worth the price of admission - and some of the most realistic flying scenes yet!

  3. That Mystique is amazing. Got your email about Chronicle Dave. If it did make it to the theater up here, it's no longer there. I'll have to grab it when it hits the Red Box. I did get a chance to see John Carter. I don't remember the books at all as I was about 8 when I read a few of them, but I thought it was really good. Not deserving of the sh*tty press it received.

  4. You know Craig sometimes I think I watch the X-Movies as much for Rebbecca's take on Mystique as I do Nightcrawler in action. Especially the scene 'People like you are the reason I was afraid to go to school as a child'.

    Who would've thought all it would take to send a shape-shifting gun for hire to the top of the popularity stakes would be a super model in blue paint. Still, guess that would work for most things!

    Thanks for the comments!

  5. I did enlarged the pic but I'm with my little laptop so it didn't improve much :)
    Great art though and I also prefer roundness to gore :D

  6. Glad you're with me on the gore thing Alicia. (If it helps IADW is made on a laptop :) I don't mind gore in comics where I know it's coming, like Walking Dead where I love it, but not in comics that don't normally tread that path.

    Like in the new 52 Justice League. All Aquaman seems to have done in that book so far is stab people in the eyes and face with his trident. That's not 'edgy' or 'Earth's Greatest' too me. Yet over in Aquaman still written by Geoff Johns, it's glorious fantastic stuff. I know there's a supposed 'time difference' but it still urrks me.

  7. Who's Alicia?
    And I'm liking Aquaman too! I wouldn't have picked it, if it wasn't for you! thanks! Diferent writers makes for diferent stories. I know Justice league is still getting to know each other, but all that childishness in most characters, just to have them grow up later, is kind of annoing and that is a title I haven't picked since issue four. WW declaring she wants to fight like a child says she wants ice cream, didn't appeal to me either. I'll wait a bit for ther to be done with the growing pains. If I want teens I'll read Teen Titans.

  8. Sorry Aliera - I have no idea what came over my two typing fingers to do that - maybe some dark sith force!

    Sorry for that - I'll get the other fingers to keep them in line in future!

    I agree the early issues of Justice League pretty much made no sense whatsoever. Batman takes of his mask to reveal himself to Green Lantern, then runs off to do Batman related stuff. Batman would be the last member of the Legue to sign up, let alone reveal who he was.

    Wonder Woman's ice cream moment annoyed me too, the Wonder Woman animated DVD showed how she can be new to modern life and be done right.

    Infact I think if it wasn't for the upcoming Captain Marvel back-ups and that final scene with The Phantom Stranger, I would've already cancelled my subscription to the franchise I used to call (and still is in theory) the best.

  9. Thank you so much Dan, it's a pleasure for me!!! Muchas gracias amigo!!

  10. You're very welcome Robi - you do amazing work so it was my pleasure to showcase your work! Thanks for dropping by - anytime you want to drop by my site feel free!