Tuesday, March 27, 2012

PANEL BEATER: My Comic, Writer, Artist and Moment Of The Month That Was

"I saw the bodies doctor... Paper cuts are no way for a man to meet his maker"

PANEL-BEATER: Comic Of The Month: The Manhattan Projects #1 If you asked yourself over breakfast if anything was missing from your life and Manhattan Projects #1 didn't count in your possession, the answer was resoundingly 'Yes'.

Where the incumbent creative kings of Morrison and Quitely cemented their throne with twins Charles Xavier and Cassandra Nova, writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Nick Pitarra split the nucleus in their own standout fashion with The Manhattan Projects' star siblings; Robert Oppenheimer and his six minute younger brother, Joesph.

Where Hickman's S.H.I.E.L.D. mini-series was in parts convoluted, the M.P. in a plot and pace as clean and clear as it's cover design, gathers the world's greatest minds to become part of a shadow agency. One charged with developing arms race devices, with a longer term view than "the political animals who whore for votes each election cycle".

However their latest recruit, the infamous scientist, Dr Robert Oppenheimer, has a worm in his family tree.

As a giant Japanese Red Torii, Zen-powered by death Buddhists, filled of Honda made robot Samurai crashes Robert's welcome tour to The Projects, few can imagine how his brother's insatiable thirst to digest all about the world he can, will soon give them all cause for concern.

This series is off to a flying start, and altitudes will be broken in the months ahead. Trust me, what you don't try now, you will regret later.

The Best Wordsmith: Jonathan Hickman - Fantastic Four #603 Sure, above he wrote the best debut issue of an Image title since Chew, but here he also delivered yet another literary uppercut in his definitive Fantastic Four run. A lone Invisible Woman vs Eternals who've just b!tch-slapped Galactus - are you serious?! Yip, he sure is...

Best Pencil-Pusher: Francis Portela - Legion of Super-Heroes #6 For me, the artist trap in LOSH isn't the cast numbers, it's worlds, cities and tech that all needs to look 31st century-ish, and not just like some advanced modern day metropolis. Francis however has hit the trifecta month in month out - here, he even picked up more steam!

Magic Momment: Alec Holland Gets His Wingman - Swamp Thing #7 Alec Holland has gone six long issues divorced from The Green. With The Rot about to 'de-evolve' his one true love into their Queen, he sacrifices himself once again to become the Swamp Thing. Only this time, he's a little more angelic than you'd think - and ready for war...

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