Thursday, March 01, 2012

THE WIDOW SEDUCES: New Avengers Movie Trailer Ups The Ante, Not The Ant-Man

The latest Avengers Movie trailer has hit and like all good progressive trailers, it contains more wholegrain goodness than the one before it. Black Widow bringing in the Hulk, a military severely outmatched and more of a clue as to the scale of the forces the Avengers face as they try to outwit the trickster God Loki.

Sure, there's that other rumour that the Asgardian menace is just one part of the movie and the rest focuses on Marvel's most infamous aliens, but that could be just a ruse, designed to Skrull you into a false sense of security... Then again, who am I to judge? Watch the trailer for yourself and you tell me...

Boy what I wouldn't have given to see Giant Man step out in front of that last wee beastie as it rounded the corner... Ant Man, Yellow Jacket, what ever they wanted to call him, Hank Pym has to be in there somewhere right?


  1. Cheese and crackers! I may have dropped my lunch!!

  2. Likewisr Marcelo! Hulk vs Iron Man, Black Widow taking charge in the feild, this is going to be epic!

  3. I was coming to tell about this trailer, but you're always On the news :)
    Great trailer. I'm EAGER to see this movie!

  4. Anonymous8:25 am

    Ant Man is already on talks for the sequel. After the first trailer was launch everyone started talkin about who should have been. So we will have to wait til number 2 but from what ive seen it will be ok

  5. Thanks folks! Aliera I'm just glad you wanted to make sure I'd heard - the net's such a big place, it's good to have a few spies out there to keep me up with everything that's going down!

    Anon - I'm stoked to hear that! Having a massive multi-story man is a made-for-IMAX idea if ever I've heard one. Of course then I'd want Vision, Wasp, Wonder Man and the rest of the dysfunctional Pym family, but hey who doesn't!

    Speaking of which, who do you most want to see?