Monday, April 09, 2012

BEWARE EVIL-LYN, COWER CRINGER! Masters Of The Universe Return In July At DC

Hold a sword in the sky long enough and lightning is bound to strike it. That's just been proven by the news DC is putting He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe back into their own book, starting this July.

I've always held firm that beneath it's somewhat cheesy exterior, at the heart of the MOTU franchise there is is a sword and sorcery gem ripe for expansion, if the right creative team could be found. MTV Geek (who broke the news), have named that team as writer James Robinson, inker Ruy Jose and artist Phillip Tan. Now is that trilogy the lightning strike I was talking about or what?

Having been the first place to bring the 80's hit to comics, this latest six issue mini-series from DC sees Skeletor having rewritten reality as the new ruler of Castle Grayskull. With Eternia's greatest heroes now mind-wiped pawns under his rule, one woodsman who dreams of epic sword-fights across even greater battlegrounds, will be sent on his own odyssey by a mysterious sorceress against the forces of evil.

Says Robinson to MTV Geek of the franchises infamous villain; "He's terrifying. Period. The silly era is done and gone. Phillip and I are taking great pains to make Skeletor, who is after all a barbarian warrior with a skull face, into a horrifying and worthy foe for He-Man."

While all three pack a powersord punch the one that really turns my snake into a mountain is Philip Tan. The way he drew The Spectre, Question and Batwoman in Final Crisis: Revelations shows he's the perfect pick for this book, especially with Jose inking his tracks.

I instantly subscribed to this series the moment I heard the news (literally). If you need a bit more info, you can read the full interview on MTV Geek after the jump. Bring on Battle-Cat!!


  1. please leave orko out of it. he's the jar jar binks of the He-Man universe.

  2. I can't wait to read the new MOTU series. It's definitely going to look great on digital. Better than the Marvel/Star comics of the early '80s.

  3. Hey Dave! That's a pretty straight comparison you got there. The MTV interview actually deals with Orko. Maybe if they are dropping the goofiness of Skeletor they might do the same for Orko too? Who knows!

    Hey Jay welcome to IADW and thanks for the comments! Those Marvel Star comics of the 80's, boy that's a trip back. I used to get treated an odd issue of that series on my way home from school. I still remember a few scenes too.

    Has it really been that long since here and there?