Tuesday, April 24, 2012

BOY CHIMNEY 2012'S BEST NEW CREATION? "Leaked" DC 52 Wave 2 Art Says 'Yes'

This is the problem with DC's Dial H; as the hero at the centre of the story changes with every dial spin, you often get introduced to fantastic new characters that you only have a limited time to enjoy. Over on Buzzfeed "leaked" DC 52 Wave 2 artwork has been posted, and what do you know, the Dial H portion features the instantly addictive appearance of Boy Chimney. Just look at him;

This is the exact type of zany creativity mainstream comics need to embrace more often. Drawn by Mateus Santolouco this splash and the character sketches the "leak" includes have amped my anticipation for this book. To prove I'm not completely bias, here's a few teases from two of the other upcoming hits as well (click to enlarge);

The Earth 2 Huntress by George Perez? G.I. Combat's The War That Time Forgot illustrated by Ariel Olivetti? How can you say no to art like this - it's mind-blowing.

For more preview pages from these titles and the others lining up as part of the DC52 Wave 2, visit Buzzfeed after the jump.


  1. Nice to see that least in Dial H, DC's finally showing show initiative to be innovative with these new characters, rather than relying heavily on old writer's ideas( cough Alan Moore cough).

    Bravo for more new weird characters!

  2. You know what would be a cool gig to bring back Dale, the idea of Annuals introducing new characters. But not rushed through low concept characters like the90's Annuals ended up hocking off, decent ones with a bit of thought to them.

    At least that way companies with comic book universes might start to feel like just that, and not a street block with 12 people on it.

  3. Yeah I agree whole-heartedly with you on that one one Dan, except that requires the major companies to actually take the time to do that and actually care about what they're doing regarding that. It seems only "indie companies" care enough to do that sort of thing.

  4. What a cool looking hero, I pretty sure that the people will love a character with a chimney on his head.

  5. Thanks for stopping buy and commrnting CC! I'm sure they will too.