Thursday, April 12, 2012

GAMMA SIZE ME! Avengers Movie Hulk Lands Muscle And Fitness Cover

Those folks at Muscle and Fitness are tricky wee devils. Their upcoming cover sporting The Incredible Hulk from The Avengers movie is all focussed on tips to build bulk and turn you into your own not-so-green goliath. However, as any comic fan knows, all you need to become a radiated pile of muscle and mean is one gamma reactor and a slightly small problem. Still those marketing guru's will try anything!

Found over at Coming Soon, buying next week's issue is probably the cheaper way to go - heck, they even went to the extent of making the guy in the top right look like classic Hulk rouge The Absorbing Man, so it's gotta be worth a look right?

Just kids, don't believe everything you read okay "Bulletproof your knees" doesn't require testing.

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