Wednesday, April 25, 2012

MAKING A MARK: Anthony Castrillo - How Illegally Good Sketching On A Comic Can Be

Twice a week, Making A Mark gives an insanely talented artist some IADW brag-space. Today goes to Anthony Castrillo, and more specifically, this pro's extensive gallery of sketch cover art. From original pieces, to recreations of comics' most infamous moments and scenes, he does it all.

When Marvel revamped their 80's character frame cover technique for their 70th birthday, Jim Cheung did an amazing job on all the various characters. While the idea of sketching directly onto a comic may seem like sacrilege to some, Anthony not only provides pieces deserving of Cheung's fantastic framing - he makes you wish that issue actually came with his 'sketch' so you could own a copy!

What image in comics is more iconic than Cap whacking Hitler? So pivotal is the moment, movie Captain America: The First Avenger made a whole song and dance about it! As for Deathlok, lets just say I always have an eye out for art of The Demolisher!

 What do you think?  Have you seen a better Black Cat? Sound off below in the comments section or click here for more great Making A Markists. To see more of Anthonys coveted covers and a whole lot more, visit his website after the jump. 


  1. Anonymous11:25 am

    The problem is he owes thousands of dollars worth of unfulfilled commissions tracing back for over a year.

  2. Hey Anon, thanks for dropping in. That's a pretty sad state of affairs. Commissions can often snowball in time they take, but I've rarely heard of a gap that big.

    If so, hopefully he catches up in 2012 and starts the New Year a fresh!

  3. Which is true but I gave everyone the option of refunds or get the the sketch cover,thankfully the refunds are almost done the more than half the books are graded and being completed,so its a happy ending after-all.

  4. Nice one Anthony! Can imagine it was a pretty awkward situation all round, but good on you for getting stuck in and sorting it all out. Hope the situation hasn't put you off drawing any - you definitely have some mad skills!

    Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Anonymous4:38 am

    Sadly, he still owes lots of people for commissions they've paid for. He's incredibly talented but still....

  6. Anonymous5:36 am

    Hi Dan,

    I've been trying to reach Anthony since he has not replied to my emails for almost a month.
    I have been dealing with him to get commissions done and it's been almost a year with promises and delays.
    I gave him even more time because I think he's very talented and should be praised.
    He agreed to a final deadline and if I did not recieve my commissions in my hands by a specific date he woudl refund my money.
    The date came and no commission not even 1.
    Now he won't return my emails>
    He said he wanted to handle this professionally but now I don't know what to do.
    Hopefully he will see this and repsond.
    I guess I'm another customer that sent him my hard earned money with nothing to show for it.
    A real shame and waste of talent.

    Also sorry if this is not the right forum to air out my issue with him.


  7. Thanks for dropping by Anon and I appreciate the way you worded your comments. Well conveyed points are always welcome, and if Anthony is reading this hopefully he feels it is an area he can respond in kind.

    For my part I'm sad that's all I can offer. I know what it's like to pay for and not receive an item and hopefully a solution for all is not that far from being on the horizon.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Anonymous1:27 am

    He owes me work for $1140 worth of material that's waaaaay overdue. He's told me multiple times that I'd have it "within hours" and even though I've asked for my money back nearly a month ago, I've received nothing.

    Anonymous # 2

  9. Anonymous2:40 pm

    I love his work and after a great commission from him I went for another and it's been 4 years. Same promises of it being done, scheduled meetings for delivery that come and go and emails that go weeks and months without reply. Very sad and a reason I no longer commission art.