Wednesday, April 18, 2012

MAKING A MARK: Sean Anderson The Neo-Romantic, Semi-Surreal, Crystal-Construct-Funkified, Deco-Pop-Cubist

Twice a week, Making A Mark gives an insanely talented artist some IADW brag-space. Today goes to Sean Anderson, an American illustrator who I feel is one of the best I've seen in a long time. Not only is this post's title his own self-description, his art is bold, colourful, retro yet modern, and best of all, it's different.

The Silver Surfer is essentially a mirror to the universe, so it's equally as effective when an artist uses him as just that. Strong lines behold!

Meanwhile, Street Fighter's Blanka was influenced by Bebel Gilberto's Samba é Amor, which conjured up a somber guitarist in Brazil for Sean. He says "Blanka is Brazilian, and Picasso's painting The Old Guitarist somehow seemed like a natural fit in my head". Too true!

Once again inspired by music, Aquaman (you are reading his comic aren't you?) was done to Björk's Oceania. By contrast, the almost monotone Flash brings speed and colour to the heart of the city.

Now that's a perfect match! My all-time favourite bat-rouge, The Riddler, rendered in a Dr Seuss type style! Inspired by 60's Friz Freleng cartoons, this is Sean's first foray into the DC villain library - here's hoping he continues!

 What do you think?  Sound off below in the comments section or click here for more great Making A Markists. To see more of Sean's work, visit his website after the jump.


  1. looks like somebody out there is fond of the Blue Period of Picaso's career. this posting reminds me of that Gotham Starry Night piece you featured here a while back. damn clever to blend the old with the new.

  2. It sure is Dave, seems those classic 'kids illustrators' are having their styles brought back in all new ways.

    And you're right it does remind me of the Batman job too!

  3. Loving the art by Mr. Anderson. I was pleasantly surprised by the choice of Ol' Blanka, but he looks even more cool(if that"s even possible) just chilling out w/ his guitar.

    Like-wise SS, Aquaman and Flash all seem to have, as Dave said, that Picasso, cubist-flavor to it. Maybe an argument of another style like Futurism, could be added to the mix?

    And who couldn't love a mischievous shot of the Riddler? It's like he's pulled straight out of any old or present animated Bat-feature. Cool beans man!

  4. what can i say Dale i actually got something out of having been an art major in college.

  5. Thanks Dale, glad you liked his work too. Blanka does look pretty different sedate huh? Still in one instant he could make that an electric guitar!

    Riddler looks like he's just got one over on Bats, ot pie in the faced him. Either way it's a high five moment for sure!

  6. -Dave no kidding huh? I have a Bachelor's in the Arts. Small world man!

  7. Ha and I have a Bachelors in graphic design and online media - the world gets smaller (x-files whistle)

  8. My hat taken for you all gentleman!
    I miss the Riddler. He is my favorite batman Villa... Character.
    For sure.
    I like him as a villain but loved his detective fase, that was made sure to be cutten short :/
    This piece on him was great, full of colours and show wonderfully his flamboyant personality. I really liked it.

  9. Glad you liked his art to Aliera - you know we are so similar in comic tastes I'm almost thinking we were twins separated at birth! ;D

  10. Well, I dyed my hair red somethimes :)