Saturday, April 21, 2012

Marvel's Cross-Media Planning With Phoenix, The Aliens Guitar, Your Own Marvel CEO Chair And More, When It Comes To THE CRUNCH

The Crunch is back, rounding up all the other big hits of the week.

CRUNCH! Marvel's free-to-play Facebook game Avengers Alliance has released a variant of Jean Grey sporting her classic Phoenix number, but white and gold instead of green and gold. Why the colour change? I think this splash I found on my regular trek to the IronFist Fan blog of CBR's exclusive New Avengers #25 preview might hold the answer;

Drawn by the eternally amazing Mike Deodato, while the above splashie features Hope not Jean, the fact it appears around the same time as an Iron Fist palette Phoenix is released in Avengers Alliance not only teases the future, it shows some true across company planning!

CRUNCH! Guitarists treat their weapon of mass destruction like their right arm, so you know Gig Goldstein has made one hell of an offering by creating a carved Alien guitar piece, done in the style of H.R. Giger.

CRUNCH! Lobo, the 'Main Man' crossing the galaxy and everyone in it, is revving up for Hollywood. Warner Bros. have hired Brad Payton to direct a film adaptation. Well I'll be fragged.

CRUNCH! Ever sat in a chair and pretended you were the CEO of Marvel, telling yourself off for not giving Deathlok, She-Hulk or Cloak and Dagger their due? No? Just me? Well, now you can follow my lead with a range of Marvel branded faux-leather gaming chairs! Cap, the Fantastic Four, Spidey, the X-Men and more are available to deck your lounge out in, and at $400 each you can grab one right after the jump.


  1. One, I still like the green and gold Phoenix better, it goes with the red hair and I wish they'd stop messing with it. Two, that has to be the coolest guitar I have ever seen and I wish I could afford it for my husband because I'd never have to buy him another thing for the rest of our lives. Three, I hope they put someone else in the movie besides Lobo. And four, we need to sneak in and steal the prototype for that chair. I have the ski masks ready. Who's with me?

  2. that guitar is cool beyond words. hey Dan did i ever mention to you that the actress that played Vasquez (Janette Goldstein, yeah she's not actually hispanic) in ALIENS was the sister of my history teacher in high school.

  3. Wow Dave, no you hadn't but thanks for sharing! Imagine if she had come in costume into the classroom. I think as a kid I would of done the manly version of faint. I love that film (just between you and me, even more than the first)!

    Random - I don't get the white either. Personally I think white is a horrible colour for a super-suit outside of War Machine, Dagger and pale skin peeps like The Spectre. But I'm a male, what do I know about fashion?

    I do agree that the Phoenix suit is genuis as is though. Hopefully Avengers Alliance do a crimson version at some point, even as an adversary that Dark Phoenix would be awesome.

    Glad the guitar went down so well - it is a wicked piece of work for sure. I was meant to hyperlink Gig to where you can order the thing (what a guitar friendly name!) but forgot. I'll fix that in a moment - don't tell your hubby Random!

    Do you know what I've been thinking Random, that instead of building to a Justice League film, DC should drop hints of the New Gods into the likes of Man of Steel, Lobo and Green Lantern 2, then culminate with a massive DC Universe vs Darkseid mega movie - that would totally rule. Infact I might flesh it out a bit further and do a post on it.

    As for ski-masks, ready and waiting.

  4. Sweet, I'll start the blue prints. Tom and Jerry style. And I think that movie would be awesome. I'm already buying the popcorn.

  5. Hey Dan i just read New Avengers issue 25 and Bendis brought some new light into the phoenix/iron fist/k'un lun mythology..Check it out if you havent!

  6. Thanks for the heads up IFF - will definitely hunt it out next time I'm in town mr!

  7. Anonymous6:26 am

    Its the phoenix of the white crown

  8. Thanks for that Anon - and for dropping by!