Saturday, April 14, 2012

NOW THAT'S A SPLASH PAGE: Kal-El, Green Lantern Of Sector 2813

Splash pages, you gotta love 'em. A blank canvas where the artist can hit you with a large dose of illustrated 'wow'. This week, a splashie which summarises not only Superman, but one of my favourite runs on a title ever; yip, writer Grant Morrison's JLA, by artist Oscar Jimenez;

The two part arc in JLA #8-9 didn't just showcase Grant's ability to give tried and tested icons hot and exciting twists in multi-lane storylines, it injected plenty of personal moments to boot.

Here Oscar soars as Superman's Key created dream-world sees Tomar-Re crash land on an unexploded Krypton and gift Kale-El the mantle of the sector's Green Lantern with his dying breath. 

The way Jimenez shows the compassion in Kal-El's face, highlights the heart that truly makes the man a 'Man of Steel'.

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  1. Morrison's run on JLA is one of my favories ever! I wish he could have devoted an entire mini-series to flesh these stories out. Oh well...

  2. DAMN! hard to believe that splash page was done with out using models.

  3. Thanks guys! Dale, JLA is one of mine too, and you're right, each story this tale cotained could've been fleshed out into it's own mini series.

    Heck if it happened in today's market, it probably would have!

  4. Oscar Jiménez Garrido3:30 am

    THANK YOU very much. I ended here by accident and there I am now, feeling both nostalgic and flattered at the same time.

    No models used indeed, other than myself once in a while for very difficult poses. Not here, tho'. This caught me in the midst of a frenzy of intensive anatomy studies fueled by my own self-perceived lack of talent in that particular aspect of my work during my Flash run. I was 23 back then and prone to these burst of obsessive behavior.

    About that 2 issue arc, it ended up looking better than it should've, due to Grant's scripts' immense motivational power, the talent of the inkers and colorist involved and my love for the characters -The Key was the villain in the first JLA issue I got as a kid, which I re-read hundreds of times back then as we children of the 70s-80's used to do-.

    As a bit of trivia, I'll mention that Grant was extremely open to suggestions and welcomed my annoying tendency to introduce inside jokes in most of my work by altering pieces and lines of dialogue to fit those and incorporate them into the story -Jeff Goldblum as Seth Brindle telling Green Arrow Jr. that teleportation is totally harmless is my personal favorite XD-.

    I'm getting back to work on DC those days and I'm going to be involved in a League-related book in the incoming Rebirth by the way. Stay tuned! And again, thank you for your kind words. This kind of feedback, even in this peculiar time-capsule kind of form is extremely motivating and always welcome :).

    1. Wow Oscar - thank you for your comments! I'm just out of hospital and this is a great pick me up to come home too!

      I loved this two part Key saga, and the fun of the whole adventure. From Connor loading a boxing glove arrow, to one of the best takes on Aquaman I'd read - so this background info is greatly appreciated.

      Awesome to hear about your new role in the new DC line up too. The teaser looks exciting, especially with the JSA appearing in there, and a focus on the Titans seemingly in the line up.

      Again, thank you for sparing the time to say hello and if you're ever keen on a five question interview on your career, please let me know.

  5. Oscar Jiménez Garrido4:39 am

    Sorry to hear about the hospital thing :(. I honestly hope you're OK.

    Yep, I'm excited about Rebirth too. I don't know much about what's happening outside of 'our' book, but I really hope they bring the real Wally back -instead of that other guy who, personality wise, is nothing like Wally- and the real Superman, too -personal thoughts and wishes, of course. No idea about what's actually going to happen. We'll see. Very excited and happy to be back to where everything started, for me. It's the perfect place and time for a fresh start and I plan to make the most out of it.

    About the five questions thing, it would be a pleasure but if I were you I'd save it for a few months from now, when I'll be able to provide answers to more interesting questions and maybe a few more people will recognize my name, besides the old-timers XD. Look for me on Facebook if you want, I'm the Oscar Jiménez from Barcelona -the other guy, from Granada, excellent artist too, is mainly an animator, illustrator and character designer-.

    Thank you so much and take care. Best!

  6. Thanks Oscar - I'm getting better each day aye - one step at a time will get me there!

    I'd love to see Wally return, he, Dick, Kyle and Donna were such a great part of the DCU for so long. Hopefully details will spill soon - can't wait! I've cleared some titles out of my pull list to make room. I haven't collected much DC in a while, so will be good to return home.

    Have sent you an add on Facebook and I will be in touch for sure re questions once the new books are out! Good luck!!