Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A BETTER CREED: Glasgow Sabretooth Mural Shreds Any Opposition

Sabretooth is easily one of my favourite X-villains. The dude just gets some of the best lines in comics when written well and... well frankly, does killer stuff that is just downright nasty. Now graffiti artist SmugOne, whose works have appeared on IADW once or twice before, has painted artist Joe Madureira's Ultimate version of Victor Creed, roaring down a wall in Glasgow. Check it out;

Click to enlarge and see this guy in full detail, believe me you need too! If you are a little hazy on the Joe Mad! work that inspired this street art, I've got that for you too

See more of SmugOne's style on his online gallery, after the jump.


  1. when i first saw this posting title on my blog role i though you were talking about Creed the band. instead i find you posted about the mural i did while in Europe recently. i just love all these compliments i'm being showered with here.

  2. Damn Ben, really? Why is it a certain group always has to take credit for everything? Ha ha. No this is some super fine-ass artwork right here.

    He looks like he's coming right for you! Super-nice.

  3. Jeez aye Dave, in the States one day, Scotland the next - them's a pretty sweet 'Flash run across oceans' thing you've got going on!

    I agree Dale - in fact I think the stronger use of black actually makes ol' Victor look even more savage then he does in the original artwork!

    Cheers for the comments guys!

  4. That's some amazing work, both the fan art on the wall and that sweet pic of Marvel's finest right under it. That's why I started reading comics in the first place, kick ass artwork like that. And I've got to say, I really like that depiction of ol' Victor. It sure as hell beats the David Lee Roth wannabe in furry orange PJs from the '80's and early '90's.

  5. You know what Craig my favourite Sabretooth look was in the first X-Men movie. So much so it is one of the only action figures I ever brought.