Wednesday, May 16, 2012

COVER SHOTS: The Best From DC Comics' August 2012 Solicitations

Is Gotham only big enough for one red-headed female in a bat-mask? August 2012 is where you find out. Not only does DC's August solicitations feature the clash of the bat-women, Phantom Lady gets an Amanda Connor drawn mini-series all of her own, and Flash finds the all-new Rouges united! Putting all that aside for just two secs, these three covers scream out loudest from the bunch;

If Aquaman is no longer a joke thanks to writer Geoff Johns, Black Manta is way off the ha-ha list just on the power of Ivan Reis's pencils alone! The assassin is as big a force above water as he is beneath it, and this cover proves exactly that!

DC says: The conclusion to “The Others”! The traitor in the team is revealed! Who is Black Manta working for?!

CLOSE CONTENDERS: (Click to enlarge)
Resurrection Man #12 - Francesco Francavilla Still going strong Ressurection Man is a perfect match for Francesco's noir based pencils!
Earth 2 #4 - Ivan Reis Okay so Reis strikes again, but look how cool Earth 2 Hawkgirl looks! With pistols like that, she's no Bluejay either!

 What do you think?  Sound off below. For more from other publishers in August 2012 as they become available click here, or to find out the rest of DC's August line-up, follow the jump!


  1. Cool covers huh Dan? Not if only the stories inside can also match the energy coming off the covers.....

  2. Now there's the challenge laid bare Dale! In Aquaman's case at least it's a safe bet!

  3. Girl fight. Gotta have em, Ivan Reis is a beast. I use to dream of being this good.

  4. Now THAT is the way to draw the Bat females. Perfect black too. Not to wet looking, not too flat. And all the colors pop perfectly.

  5. You and me both OA! I found Ivan when he worked on Lady Death. He was good then but now he's just insane!

    Glad you liked the Bat showdown to Random. You are right, Stanley has really got the match-up down pat!

  6. I agree Random. They look like they're wearing body armor, not spandex stripper outfits with capes.