Thursday, May 10, 2012

HE'LL GROW OUT OF IT: The Wow Factor Of A Batman And Predator Haircut

When you're a dude there's very few options in how you sport your hair compared to the female of the species, next time guys when you're headed the way of your friendly neighbourhood barber, how about you ask for something a little more artistic?

Florida barber/artiste Radames Perez has turned his clipper-cut technique up a notch, with these shaved trimmings featuring both Batman and Predator.

Me? I'm feeling like a 'Hulk Smash!' kinda mood, but maybe after my morning coffee all that will change. Find the story on Radames Perez in full after the jump.


  1. @$UK YEAH that's awesome ya know if i let my hair grow out a few more days then i usually do before i cut it i could have that done too.

  2. Ya know what Dave, I could see you with one of these too. Me I think I'd race you to Magneto.