Thursday, May 03, 2012

RANDOM WORK OF WOW: Leo Chuang's 'Dark Avenger' - The Sentry

Last week, my spoiler-free Avengers movie review took the usual slot of Random Works of Wow. Correcting that imbalance, let's spotlight a new portfolio where the artist only has a piece of work so brilliant you'd risk being stoned to death by fellow art lovers for putting something else beside it. That artist? Leo Chaung, with The Avenger that generated a huge amount of media himself; The Sentry.

Inspired by Sentry's flip to the dark side in Marvel's event SEIGE, Taiwanese artist Leo definitely conveyed that same threat level here. While Marvel hasn't stated if the controversial character will return or regain his sanity, it seems his fanbase is rising all the same.

 What do you think?  After you've clicked to enlarge, sound off below or to view more of Chuang's awe-inspiring work, click the jump.


  1. Pensol3:23 pm

    I've always thought that Sentry would be best showcased by putting him in Marvel Cosmic! Out there fighting the good fight with Star-Lord, Nova and the rest, he'd have room to really unleash. And perhaps someone would find some way to get rid of that annoying Void thingy which seems to keep getting in the way.

  2. Hey Pensol, I think you are right on the money there! Sentry vs Silver Surfer will fill my thoughts for the rest of the day..

  3. That's a sweet looking Sentry there! And yeah, in order to make Sentry even remotely usable again after all the damage Bendis put on him, The Sentry probably should stay out in space away from Bendis's influence. Plus, since he's supposed to be Marvel's Superman, it makes sense he'd be a cosmic hero of sorts.

  4. Pensol5:49 am

    Superman's always hanging about on earth (which makes sense in the context of the character) but Sentry seems somehow too big to be stuck down here! Sending him against your average super-villian is like using an H-bomb to clear an anthill. But in space he'd fit right in going up against the likes of Ultron, Galactus and Annihilus (you just KNOW he'll be back). I'd love to see someone make that happen.

  5. While Marvel works best without a 'Superman' figure, I think Sentry can fill a decent void in their universe handled well, and the space idea is just that. Plus we could see him tackle Gladiator - Marvel's superman with a Mohawk and all come out better for it!

    As for Annihilus Pensol, not sure if you are reading the Fantastic Four, but there Annihilus did return as the overthrown leader of the Negative Zone/slave on a leash to The Human Torch! Johnny used an Annihilation Wave to help balance the latest cosmic war. Then recently Franklin made Galactus his Herald. Great, great stuff.

  6. Yeah, Hickman's really kicking-ass on FF huh Dan?

    Sentry vs. Gladiator? Make it happen Marvel. Of course we'll all have to wait until the whole Avengers vs. X-Men mess is done, and then hopefully get to it if he survives the event.

    Anyone else which the real Captain Mar-vel came back and not swerve the audience/fans with Carol Danvers as the new CM? Carol's nice and all, but Captain Mar-vel will always be Captain Mar-vel to me....and then there's Shazam.......

  7. Sorry meant to type who wants the REAL Captain Mar-vel to show up.

    Also, pleasure to entertain you on my blog Dan, you big softie you.

  8. Pensol3:07 pm

    overthrown leader of the Negative Zone/slave on a leash to The Human Torch! Johnny used an Annihilation Wave to help balance the latest cosmic war.

    I - he - what?!

    Then recently Franklin made Galactus his Herald

    Good lawd I've some catching up to do! I've been buried in Marvel Cosmic lately and I only just finished Annihilation & Annihilation: Conquest, Rise & Fall of the Shi'ar Empire & War of Kings! Just when I think I'm all caught up...

  9. Trust me Pensol, the four's latest arc with the inhumans vs the supreme intelligence vs the celestials has been a grade prime beef every month. deffinitly treat yourself to any issues you can. sorry if i spoiled anything for anyone, but Dales right, J.H. is really kicking butt!

    Look for a post based on this thread in two weeks!

    Dale Im with you. I get what her graduation means but I'm a fan of ' if it ain't broke' and I think both the name Ms Marvel and her gettup fall in that category.