Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SALES PITCH: April 2012's Top 6 Comics

The big winner for April 2012 was Image Comics' The Walking Dead. For the second month in a row it took the top graphic novel slot, seven of ten places in the graphic novel Top 10 and all fifteen volumes fell inside the graphic novel Top 20. If that isn't a hit, nothing is.

Back on comics, DC held most of the Top 6, with Marvel taking the #1 spot and extending their unit share lead over DC to 5.01%.


MY THOUGHTS: Sadly, I'm actually glad to see Justice League slip. That book is backfiring harder nearly every issue and regardless of where the wrong is coming from, it isn't the flagship the New DC52 state it to be. Batman, Action Comics and Green Lantern on the other hand - now they're some reads!

 What are your thoughts? 

(Stats via Diamond Comic Distributors)


  1. Anonymous2:22 am

    It's nice to see Marvel's AvsX doing well, and I feel so far it is a deserved achievement as it seems to be delivering on it's hype. I just hope (see what I did there) it continues and brings with it a few surprises along the way. I think based on you're praise and that of everyone else I talk to, I will pick up Batman once again, I had dropped it with the new 52 launch, I know crazy... but it's a true story

  2. You shouldn't be so surprised on JL's slipping quality there Dan. It plodded through the 1st 6, and only recently started to pick back up. I think another quality team is needed badly to pick this title back up. Johns and Lee maybe be big names, but they haven't maintained big sales. Johns is stretched thin and becoming lazy, so switch him out, which DC won't since he's their wunderkind and all.

    If only Morrison was game for one more JL run.....

    As for AvX's sales, I'm not surprised it's doing well, but all those chiefs in one kitchen is turning it into a continuity nightmare, not to mention there's really not much to the story other than rock 'em sock 'em robots. I'm not hatin', merely pointing out that this has already been done before, and better. Just ask Roger Stern.

  3. i've been reading the JLA relaunch but on a loan basis from a buddy of mine who's actually been buying it every month. better him then me :) although to be fair the book has had it's moments. Wonder Woman at the ice cream cart was one of my favorites.
    Hay Dan, still no Bronze Tiger in your orange,red and yellow color scheme mast head? wassup wit dat dawg?

  4. I tried out the first couple of issues of JL. That writing--urgghh. I only pull Batman and Green Lantern from DC now. Those are some quality works right there.

    AvsX is actually surprising me. The first 1 1/2 issues were the typical slugfest. But now there is some strategy involved, and a couple of X-factors (pun not intended) thrown in. It's getting to be fun.

  5. Hey folks - thanks for the comments!

    Mr S - personally I think Scott Snyder is DC's new saving grace - anything that he tackles is always worth a peek or two, now if they'd only put him on a new Spectre series, I think we would really see some sparks fly! Thanks for being part of IADW!

    Dale - completely agree about JLA, but that's where I wonder about the role of editorial. Aquaman in Justice League and the Aquaman in Aquaman are to different characters - one brilliantly written, one not so much yet both by the same hand - what gives?

    Dave - See WW and ice cream for me is one of the worst moments. I just don't like when Diana is written as a giddy schoolgirl when she arrives in 'Man's world'. By contrast Brian Azzarello's take on Diana in the pages of Wonder Woman is absolutely ^&%^&*, %##@$$ly awesome and should be required reading for anyone with a pulse.

    TKM - sounds like the league has left the same imprint on you it has on me. I honestly don't know if I'll renew my sub when the time comes! I really hope the teaser fights used to hype the event actually come to live - I mean Archangel vs Daredevil? I've waited years to see that!

    Thanks for the comments all!

  6. Yeah, from what I hear and read, Aquaman is far superior in writing, and I dare say art(Ivan Reis kicks so much ass it isn't funny) and it's written by Johns. What gives Johns? Again I say, it's Johns being lazy. He's either saving up the really good ideas for stuff like FCBD, Aquaman, and GL, and going through the motions on JLA. Not to mention the absolute horrible reboot of Captain Marvel/Shazam. Do we really need a Billy Batson that's a douchebag? Leave him alone if you're going o do all that. CM doesn't need to be rebooted or have his origin redone, he just needs to have an actual writer that will take care of him and write him intelligently. DC needs to at least convince/let Morrison write him since Alex Ross/Jim Krueger is out of the question.

  7. Grant and Billy are all I've wanted since I read Grant talk about Shazam in the early 90's Dale. If that ever came true I'd do the manly version of pee my pants in glee, like have a beer or something.

  8. Ha ha. Now that's something I'd pay to see. A Dan-style man-dance. Brother you've just given my ammo for my next with you in it. You've been warned. Ha ha.

    As for Morrison, I figure the only other reason he hasn't done it yet(Isn't he supposed to handle CM in that Multiversity project that never happened but was supposed to?) besides being satisfied with Superman and Batman, is that DC doesn't really care all that much about CM, therefore he gets the shit-end of the stick when it comes to decent storytelling and creative teams.

  9. (Feels the yellow ring of fear wash over him). Ha - sounds great Dale - look forward to it!

    I wish Multiversity did or does happen, it sounds awesome but by nature waiting isn't my strong suit. Hopefully if Grant doesn't get to do C.M. (which would be a crime against literature) he does Prime for Marvel, or a so close to being a knock off lawyers are standing at his mailbox waiting to cross the line type books for Image.