Saturday, May 26, 2012

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES: Fan Made Suicide Squad Comic Revives Killer Memories

These days it's a hit move by a publisher to chuck half a dozen 32-string characters into the chamber and fire a book of them at modern audiences. When John Ostrander, Kim Yale and Luke McDonnell did it back in the 80's, it was damn near unheard of. What's more the trio's efforts didn't just put the cast in the gun, it put them in the firing line. Shot up, killed off, spat out - Suicide Squad was the reason to read comics - and everyone who did, fell hard in the line of duty.

Just ask Michel Fiffe. He's the guy who inspired by John, Kim and Luke's work, has taken the A-list likes of Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Bronze Tiger, Vixen, Shade and more, and thrown them into a 16 page fan tribute comic called "Deathzone!"

A fan of the Squad since he was nine (his site even flicks up fan-art by those same 9-year old hands), Fiffe's latest creation pits "DC's version of The Dirty Dozen" up against arch-nemeses, the Jihad, and is free with every $5 print ordered. Need some more preview art? Feast your eyes on this; 

Ready for more - visit Fiffe's website after the jump! (Via)


  1. Dan this is so appreciated. I'm going over to check out the site.

  2. Glad you liked it OA! I think he's done an amazing job - especially on such a big cast for a 16 pager, so hopefully his efforts get rewarded!

    While you're over there - you'll also find a bit of Bronze Tiger and Vixen tagteam action I'm sure you'll like!

  3. Yeah this is a pretty cool thing Fiffe's doing. I wonder if Sholo knows about this yet?

  4. Who knows mr Dale - if he does, he's probably ordered eight copies by now!

  5. I so wish I could read this complete!
    This is wonderful!

  6. Thought you'd like it Aliera! Being Caps biggest fan and all. I'm just glad fans of characters other than the 'big guns' are getting some quality fan projects. this looks amazing!