Saturday, June 30, 2012

COSMIC COOL: Variety Reveals Guardians Of The Galaxy Getting Underway At Disney

Marvel Studios' 'Phase Two' movie slate currently stands with 2013's Iron Man 3 and Thor 2, followed by Captain America 2 and an untitled flick in the first half of 2014. While it was expected Black Panther would snatch that 'untitled' spot, Variety reports Disney is moving faster on Guardians of the Galaxy, having recently forked out to secure the trademark rights to the picture and the likeness of it's 31st century meets modern day cast for a range of related consumer products.

With the "incredible" Guardians of the Galaxy script apparently penned by hit writer Nicole Perlman, the feature will build off the Thanos element dropped by the Avengers movie and lead directly into Avengers 2. Better yet, if the Variety report stays true, Guardians of the Galaxy would hit May 16th 2014 - a certain comic fan's birthday.

Look for any official skinny to come from Marvel's Comic-Con Iron Man 3 show in two weeks. While I always thought DC's 31st century Legion of Super-Heroes would beat Marvel's Guardians to the big screen, my mind is a-buzz over the possible characters involved.

Will Marvel go 'all-star' like Annihilators or with the 90's crew pictured above? How cool would Starhawk in 3D be?!  What do you think? 


  1. Anonymous2:57 am

    the only way the can keep more fans happy is to have a combination of both me that includes at least vance, starhawk, rocket racoon

  2. Yeah I agree on that. Or since it's more likely they'll go with the current incarnation, or at least the ones set to appear in Avengers Assemble, then show a memorial statue or something, honoring the 1st team. Maybe leave it ambiguous, like they're not dead, but lost somewhere where they can't be found, so maybe they are dead or something.

    I've sorta been a very casual fan myself, although after seeing some of the Annihilators' trade, and a sem-recent GOTG trade, I might just pick those up.

    But yeah of nothing else, I'd love to see Starhawk and Major Victory show up in the movie.

  3. I really hope it's the original group. And for me, this would seem to be a great fit for Pixar instead of Disney. Imagine the animation possibilities!!!

  4. Groot. groot grrroot... GROOT!

  5. Thanks everyone for the great comments!

    @ Anon I completely agree - plus bringing Vance in may leave a side door open for a New Warriors spin off, since he served on both teams. And if there's something I love as much as Marvel cosmic, it's the Warriors!

    @ Dale GotG in the 90's had some of the best covers around, so it was hard to pass up. I remember one of the team surrounded by an army of Punishers. Plus it was pretty tie-in free so that meant my wallet liked it. Regardless of line-up I really dig quirky casts so it's great these characters are getting exposure. Love your memorial idea though!

    @ BVP Marvel Cosmic would be an awesome playground for Pixar! Imagine - talking planets, rocket racoons - it's an instant hit!

    @ OA So that's a vote for Groot then? With Thor 2 going first, you also have to wonder if Beta Ray Bill might also get in there?