Friday, June 08, 2012

HEADS UP DEATHSTROKE: New Arrow Trailer Sees Slade Wilson Grab An Eyeful

Deadpool is a mere puddle compared to the intricate marksman and all round bad-assery that is DC's Deathstroke: The Terminator. Now it seems the multi-skilled, enhanced mercenary will be crashing into the Green Arrow based live-action TV series Arrow all guns, swords, crossbows and other weponised devices blazing. Just check this out...

If you spied it, in amongst all the scheming mothers and explosive trick arrows, Deathstroke's mask was just as it has always been in the pages of DC Comics. While in print, Slade's own wife, Adeline destroyed his right eye after he tried to endanger their son, the clip seems to suggest it may be the emerald archer who gives Wilson reason to black-out half his fear-inducing mask.

Guess we'll see when Arrow premieres this fall.


  1. Thanks for posting another Arrow preview Dan. I'm really starting to enjoy this series, despite dropping the Green from his name. Just based off the promos, you see that at least his origin and back-story seems well-written, so I have a lot of hope that this show will do well. I hope the ratings are strong enough to keep it going past the 1st couple episodes.

    This seems like it'd really do the character and concept justice.

    And yeah, hope Deathstroke shows up soon, maybe towards the season finale?

  2. Thanks Dale, I'm glad they are showing a fair bit of the island origins too. Hopefully it's even shot in a rough style, like Jock's art on Green Arrow Year One was. That would be cool.

    Might be a while before I try my pull-up's like this Oliver Queen does though!

  3. Oh no shit. That guy/actor's hardcore man!