Sunday, June 10, 2012

JAFFA JURY: Prometheus Movie Review

"The trick, Potter, is not minding it hurts"
For too long mainstream science-fiction has re-trodden the fairly same ground. Now comes the first part of a wake-up call intending to reinstall a sense of wonder to the genre. It's a prequel of one of sci-fi's most established franchises, created at the hands of iconic 80's sci-fi director, Ridley Scott. It's named Prometheus.

Before sitting down to see what is at every turn a stunning visual spectacle - the camera angles, sense of scope and perspective Prometheus features is epic in itself - I wondered how you do an Alien prequel, without placing 'Alien' in the movie title? Emerging on the other side, I understand completely. While the seeds of Alien creation are literally scattered throughout the film, it is almost a footnote to Prometheus's own story and questions.

Prometheus is it's own beast for Alien fans and non-fans alike to devour, and as such, has it's own monsters within.

The best use of 3D to date, Prometheus expands to tell the tale of a group of researchers, backed and gathered by the Wayland Corporation, setting out to trace the creation of mankind to alien worlds. 

What they find is as stylised by artist H.R. Giger as the original Alien film. In gothic atmospheric surroundings, the researchers will be faced with many thought-provoking questions, questions you'll be asking yourself long after your popcorn is gone.

What was our status in creation? 'Marvellous invention' or 'research guinea pig'? If you could meet your higher power (or for atheists, the creature that allowed mankind to evolve) would you step forward to ask questions or observe safely from a distance?

Prometheus raises many such theological questions, and while nay-sayers will highlight it answers few, to me it never should. That's not what good entertainment does, rather it should leave you to create your own answers as it does here.

One of the best question-posers is now officially my 'all-time favourite actor'. Former 'Magneto', Michael Fassbender, ironically plays the role of dream reading android David. An artificial intelligence whose love of Lawerence of Arabia hides an inquisitive mind with a secret agenda, excited by the answers the expedition party is uncovering and the questions it gives him on his own 'creators' as a result. 

While it would have been a dream come true for this to put him at odds with mission commander Meredith Vickers (played by chance by already my 'all-time favourite actress', Charlize Theron), the woman's team spotlight falls upon Dr Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace).

Shore is one of the two archaeologists whose discoveries on Earth lead to the crew of the Prometheus heading to space in the first place. Despite tracking mankinds' true origins for a career, Shore finds in the face of her answers, she turns to her father's Cross as a source of strength, to help her chances of survival. 

While there are a few plot slips, overall Prometheus is more of a hit for me then any of the original Alien films whose antagonists it supplies an origin for. While material is there for another prequel to bridge this 'prequel' with Alien, I would rather that footing be used to have Prometheus step to the side and form it's own shadow, rather than continue to darken the shades of an already existing one.


  1. I want to see this one myself. Maybe I will, but it looks as good if not better than most/all of the Alien films.

  2. For me it was Dale - but if you fork out for a ticket let me know if you thought so too!

  3. I'm going to head out and see this I hope tonight. Thanks for the review because I actually forgot this was out now.

  4. I hear that this was some sort of prequel to the Aliens/predator films. is this true, or at least can you see why people would think that? I'm still trying to decide if i should see it.

  5. I really enjoyed it! It's great to see a sci-fi that's not dumbed down.

  6. Thanks for the comments guys! What did you think Mr.S? Glad you liked it too Marcelo, I completely agree!

    Hey Jimmy, yip the origins of the alien race are here, but its more additional to the story, then the main event itself.