Tuesday, June 05, 2012

MTV MEANS MORE MEOW: The Dark Knight Rises MTV Trailer Shows More Selina

If The Dark Knight Rises was your friendly neighbourhood department store lift, the first few floors of the 'rise' came pretty slowly. Shrowded in secrecy, details were drip-fed to a ravenous public (myself included), especially for fans of characters Bane (Tom Hardy) and Catwoman (Anne Hathaway), as well as actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Last night, now a few floors up, MTV blew the roof of the lift and sent it hurtling for the stratosphere by revealing enough new footage to create a whole new trailer. More Bane, waayy more Catwoman and more of J.G.L., means more illustrating how Dark Knight Rises all fits together. With the lift now skyrocketing, you can checkout all one and a half glorious minutes of MTV magic, just by clicking below.

(Update Video has since been removed across the internet)


  1. Love, love that trailer you posted Danny boy. Now I'm really pumped enough to actually dare to venture to go to the movie theater to see it, which I usually avoid due to the idiotic crowds. Are they saying, that Catwoman knows Bane? She seems to. This is probably going to the best Batman movie yet in my opinion.

  2. It was pretty sweet wasn't it Dale. Why Warners have pulled it down all across the internet baffles the schmozles out of me. I get it might be an exclusivity deal on the side of MTV, but it sure lit a fire under the other Dark Knight Rises trailers out there...

    Catwoman sure seems to know Bane, which plays up her underground connections a bit more. I did like Catwoman as a claw for hire who just happened to have her own eye on a few prizes. No matter how she fell, she always landed on her feet. Will be interesting to see if that's how she plays out here...