Friday, June 22, 2012

NEGOTIATIONS OVER: First Dredd Trailer Puts Karl In Command (Video)

Ever since he hit a decent role in the movie adaptation of DOOM, I've wanted fellow Kiwi lad Karl Urban to get his due. While Pathfinder wasn't quite it and in Star Trek he just needed a bit more exposure, I'm pretty sure Dredd, based on the UK comic phenomenon Judge Dredd will be. What makes me say that? This trailer right here;

Out to stop the spread of the slo-mo drug cartel from Mega-City One, the husky-voiced one-liners show this outing is already better than the last time the Judge's tried to stamp their authority in Hollywood. Penned by Alex Garland (28 Days Later), Lionsgate's next violently bone-crunching pulp hit Dredd will land this September.


  1. Oh man, that trailer is cool as hell! I can't for this movie to come out, as it's already looking to be vastly superior to that horrible Stallone version. I like his gruff voice to, as it's not as over the top as Christian Bale's is.

    Nice one Dan.

  2. yeah well it's a given this will be better then the first Dredd film. based on the trailer i like the look of the movie in terms of the costumes as well as the sets. and is that the chick from the Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show? but as of yet it's really up in the air if this movie has a screen play (script) that will do Judge Dredd justice. i love 28 Days later so that's promising for this movie. Karl Urban is a good actor and i really want to see him in a good movie for a change because to be honest virtually everything else i've seen him in has sucked with the exception of Pathfinder which wasn't too bad. he was a great McCoy but i didn't otherwise like the last Star Trek movie outside of the casting. i never bothered finishing "Ghost Ship" i just saw the beginning and "Doom was" just an utterly pointless film on soooo many levels much like a sci-fi channel original. "the Chronicles of Riddick" was a disappointment too. i never saw "Priest" but it looked shitty in the previews. i'm crossing my fingers for both Urban and Dredd.

  3. thanks Dale I agree its a more beliveable voice than Bales. And Dave Im just hoping it does justice to the 2000Ad comics because they are pretty mean. It looks like it will.