Saturday, June 30, 2012

RANDOM WORK OF WOW: Ian 'Botmaster2005''s Cobra Commander

Sometimes you stumble across a portfolio where the artist only has a couple of comic based pieces, other times there can be one work so brilliant, you'd risk being stoned to death by fellow art lovers for putting something else beside it. These are Random Works of Wow, and illustrating the point is 'Botmaster2005' and Cobra Commander

Geez the Baroness must love been surrounded by men with reflective faces to style her hair in. Me, I always thought I preferred the ol' hooded Cobra Commander best, but this Stallone Cobra movie poster parody of sorts has me thinking twice.

On a random note, ever noticed how this cartoon screamer and Starscream in the Transformers toons sounded the same? That's because they were both voiced by late voice actor Chris Latta (RIP).

 What do you think?  After you've clicked to enlarge, sound off below or to view more of Ian's awesome artworks click the jump.


  1. whoa! the colors in that rendering just hit you like a fist aside from it being an over all great work of art. i like how this guy paid especially close attention to the details. i used to have this action figure back in the day and it came with a gun that attached to his back and it looked almost exactly like the one you see here.
    by the way the art work in that Guardians of the Galaxy art work in the previous posting is pretty sweet too. Starhawk looks especially awesome in them. i ws never that familiar with the character but i always thought that he/she had one of the coolest looks ever.

  2. Cheers for that Shlomo! Nice that the guns matched the toy and thanks for giving that info over - it's always cool when the little details add up!

    As or the Guardians art below the top image is by Pasqual Ferry, the one beneath by Clint Langley. You're right though - both are hot, hot images!

  3. got your comment on the ROM blog Dan and speaking of matters of scale my next posting tomorrow is gonna show you how size does indeed matter.
    i tell ya mate i just love awesome illustrations in the genre of comic books and sci-fi you really can never get enough.

  4. It's the hooded commander for me too, it was more terrorist cult leader you know.

    I heard the movie was pushed back to next year. I'm thinking they thought the competition was going to be to ruff.

    What a mistake. The Joe's would have smashed the amazing spiderman.

  5. Thanks guys! Yeah OA I was surprised at the push back too, as for Amazing Spider-Man.... yes well, I've watched it and reviewed it but I think I'll actually get to do a right up tonight on it. Anything could beat that thing.