Monday, June 18, 2012

REAL LIFE HEROES: Landia's Coca-Cola Security Camera Advert [Video]

'Security camera footage' - just the term implies something negative caught on film right? Wrong. One advert has single-handedly changed that notion, in the name of a true global super-power. Say 'Good-bye captured montage of crashes, crimes or explosions' and hello to Landia's commercial for Coca-Cola Latin America, featuring surveillance camera video footage of real life heroes everywhere.

Says Martin Mercado, creative director behind the ad "People tend to associate security cameras with negative events, but we wanted to disprove that assumption by demonstrating the abundance of happy events and actions they capture".

It's simple. It's brilliant. And with the Give A Little Bit soundtrack by Roger Hodgson, I literally think I've played it over a billion times. Cheer yourself up, click play below.


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  2. Thanks for the comments folks - and glad to have you dropping by LFF! Glad you like what you find!

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