Wednesday, June 20, 2012

STROBE EFFECT: New Dark Knight Rises Trailer Flashes The Future

It might not be the juicy piece of steak the MTV Dark Knight Rises trailer turned out to be before it was pulled from the internet by the unseen hand of lawyers and legal workers, but the new Nokia trailer is still a pretty tasty cut. Too little Catwoman is made up for by an awesome soundtrack, lots o' Batman and a pretty funny closing scene.

The Dark Knight Rises opens July 19 in Australia and New Zealand, July 20 everywhere else.


  1. that was a cool trailer and all but can anyone answer for me about Bane's venom? does he use it in this movie? it's implied by that mask he wears but other then that i've seen no indication. also, have you heard the Bane chant?

  2. I'm not sure either Shlomo, but it has be in it. Or else Batman would've kicked Bane's ass, thus making it a short movie. I'm so excited about seeing this after watching a lot of movie trailers, that I think I'll actually go see it in theaters despite me saying I'd never do it again due to those assholes and kids that always talk through out the whole movie.
    That folks, is my road rage!

  3. whenever i'm at a theater with people who talk to much i just go up to them and say "IF YOU DON'T SHUT THE @#$% UP I'M GONNA TAKE YOU OUTSIDE AND RUN OVER YOU WITH MY CAR UNTIL YOU PISS BLOOOOOOD!!!"

  4. Ha ha! Love it. Yeah I actually get in this kid's face one time and point blank told him to shut the fuck up or else I'd kick his ass. Of course I was on the way out, so I guess he won in that round. I did get a free ticket to see the same movie again though, so I guess I won the war.

    Oh hi Dan, didn't see you there. You where saying what again? Ha ha!

  5. thanks guys! i think Bane has his venom, it would explain how hes pumped in some posters and not so pumped in others. At least I hope. The Bane chant just rocks.

    As for talking in movies - those idiots get right on my 'pray for fleas to infest their bed list' - I cant even stand it at home. bt yeah i generally when u confront them they change to muttering behind ur back. thats much better lol