Friday, June 29, 2012

TOTAL RECALL: New Second Trailer Makes This One Remake You Want To See

Man, it really makes you feel more Gandalf than Frodo when movies you saw the first time round (not that long ago), are all ready been remade. The latest Total Recall, taunts the audience with it's name on how much of the original they can remember, yet not that they need to (yes, the tri-boobed woman is back).

Replace Arnie with Colin Farrell, add in some Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel, then increase the forces set against them with explosions, catfights and an army of soldiers, and you not only have a Total Recall that expands on the original, but a remake that looks to have you wondering why you want to recall the original in the first place.

Total Recall lands August 3rd 2012 (Official site).


  1. Damn! novy said anything about this trialer? it looks pretty good i dig the Blade Runner like scenery.

  2. Hey Shlomo! Yeah it snuck up on me kind of too - I heard about it, but not really digging the original, I wasn't to fussed. However this looks like it's turned up the ante in all the right ways, so hey, what's not to love?

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  4. the original is a good example of a movie that had a good premise but a poor execution in terms of the movie's production with and screen play.