Thursday, June 07, 2012

WRITERS UP! Justice League And Wonder Woman Movies Get Pen Men

When Avengers has become the third most successful movie ever at the U.S. Box Office, you know Warner Bros. would get the Justice League fired up to match. By theory, with the two teams being so similar, yet the League having more globally recognised icons in it's line up, to people of all ages, it should do the same but better - right?

Well the first gears are starting to turn for both Wonder Woman and the Justice League, with the movie giant hiring all-new writers to get both projects up and running once again.

Will Beall will tackle Justice League, fresh from projects like the Lethal Weapon reboot and the upcoming Gangster Squad. Will has been working on the project since last year, in anticipation of the success Avengers would have.

For the avenging amazon, Michael Goldenberg who co-wrote Green Lantern is onto the job, hoping to succeed with the delicate to convey franchise, after Joss Whedon the Avengers director, failed to get the chance to bring his version of Wonder Woman to the big screen a few years earlier.

It's great to see traction happening on these franchise characters. Here's hoping production and further details aren't far behind.


  1. Yeah DC's gotta' be having all kinds of egg on their face, since Marvel was able to get their shit together and put out a movie that blew away old and current box office records. They have the last Nolan Batman movie, which will do huge business, but I'm not entirely sure it will top the Avengers in sales. We'll see I guess. C'mon DC, hope the fuck to it.

  2. You know what Dale, I'm still thinking there is a catch to the end of DKR... I could be wrong but I think even with the hit trilogy ending there is still a bigger game afoot.

    If only it began with a BOOM Tube!

  3. Now that would be game-changing! Especially if there were cameos or small shots/references of/to fellow JL'ers in the movie.

    But then I would've figured that any of that stuff would've already been leaked onto the internet by now.

    We shall see shan't we?

  4. I think I would actually kill for a New Gods movie, or a line of DC movies leading to an Apokoliptian assault.

    I might just kill an ant or somethin' but the sacrifice would still be there.

    I do have one thing that I am crossing my fingers for as the next Batman film series, but I'll post that as a separate entry later this month.

    Will be good hearing what ya'll think!