Sunday, July 22, 2012

BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO: 3 Pull List Titles I'm Annoyed To Be Stopping

Do you subscribe to a title or the creators? While there are pros and cons for each side of that little debate, this month I finally pulled the plug on three DC titles that I've instinctively brought the core concept of since the days of the Kenner Super Powers action figures. By ending Justice League, Legion Lost and Green Arrow I actually feel like I'm the Darkseid for abandoning some of my favourite characters. To balance out said karma, here's a list of each, with a suggestion of an alternate read, if you find yourself in the same position.


JUSTICE LEAGUE: I once read an article where the fan wrote "The only people who don't know what Superman should be, are the folks at DC Comics". Now the same can be said for the Justice League.

Bizarre moments like the usually over reserved Batman quickly unmasking before a Green Lantern he just met, make this book read as co-ordinated and comfortable as a three-legged race. Geoff Johns and Jim Lee can and do deliver exceptional stuff, heck they are even doing it right now outside of this title, so who does that third leg belong too? Whatever it's origins, I say amputate the sucker and let the best be their best. That's what makes the Justice League in the first place.

Also Frustrated Over Justice League? Why Not Try: Aquaman 

Compared to this title the above is 20,000 leagues under the sea, and not in a good way. Here Geoff utilises his universe expanding abilities to craft a brilliant monthly, one that rivals any of his previous hits with the likes of Wally West or JSA. Ivan Reis is just as good as Jim Lee too, so your eyes wont be sulking about the switch either.


GREEN ARROW Bizarrely, Oliver Queen as the opinionated hero of the everyman, was one of the most well-defined personalities in comics. That should've been the last aspect of the character to get a reboot. Rather this title has kept the blanket and ditched the baby, seemingly recreating the character more as Marvel's Tony Stark.

Writer Ann Nocenti, created my lifelong addiction to Daredevil, so she knows how to write street-savvy heroes. When she came aboard as writer, I hoped for a u-turn back towards more familiar shores, however the title continues to pull Oliver miles out to sea, with no land insight.

Also Frustrated Over Green Arrow? Why Not Try: Saga 

Saga is bordering on the best comic I have ever read - and it's not even at issue six yet. Sure it's cosmic adventure, but due to race wars, realistic characters that actually argue and talk like breathing people, and the art of Fiona Staples, it feels pretty street-level too. Just alien planet streets. Saga, the best bullseye around for $2.99 US.


Despite having a great art team, the potential the plot of time stranded legionnaires facing a virus outbreak in our time had, has cured itself over the last few months. Writer Tom DeFalco has written numerous classics for Marvel, everyone from Spider-Girl to Fantastic Four, yet despite having many 'star Legionnaires', this book doesn't feel very 'Legion-ish' at all.

Also Frustrated Over Legion Lost? Why Not Try: Legion of Super-Heroes 
Every time I hear "DC is just employing 90's creators", I want to shove the speaker in the direction of this book. Paul Levitz wrote great comics before the 90's, and here with half his star cast ripped from his hands, he's still putting many contemporaries to shame. With Starman quitting the Legion with a handful of others to rescue Brainiac and Dream Girl imprisoned somewhere within in the Dominator's Kingdom, how can you turn this kind of stuff down?

 What are your thoughts?  What books are you loving at the moment? 


  1. I must admit, you hung in there with Justice League about nine issues more than I did.

    I tried Justice League Dark, too. The alternative for that title? Fatale. My gosh, that book RULES.

    I have heard such good things about Aquaman. I think I'm going to have to jump on that bandwagon before it gets too far along.

  2. ya know Dan you're a much more subtle writer then i am. that goes for Dale and OA1 too. you seldom just say that something just plain sucks or that it's bullocks. or that it's a piece of #$%& even. i also read JLA 9 and 10 recently as loaners and i'm just astonished who would bother spending money on that title. as you know the new Suicide Squad has fallen out of grace with me in recent months too. Justice League Int. and Swamp Thing were two other titles that failed to keep my interest beyond a couple or so issues. that's it for me as far as buying new books go. lately i just find stuff in discount back issues bins or on ebay as i did recently.

  3. I want to like Justice League but it leaves me pretty cold. Just like the Meltzer/Benes JLA did.

    I really want to like LSH too but I've found the past year plodding and often boring. I had hoped things would improve with the terrible Earthman gone but we're still stuck with Harmonia, who's become Levitz's answer to Mantis: enigmatic to the point of aggravation.

  4. Subtle huh? Hey I've long preached against DC's reboot, and that extends to most of the characters and titles that have come out of it. Now sure there are exceptions like Aquaman, Frankenstein, Batman(yes batman), and some others, so not every title is bad, just a good majority of them.

    The gross mischaracterization of the entire roster of the JLA is disgusting and nauseating. How could editorial ever think that the JL book is any good? None of the characters every acted like that. Is this what Johns/Lee really think these characters should act and sound like? Not to mention the horrible rebooting of Captain Marvel, where Billy Batson is now a just a mean sumbitch, and you get where I'm going. What, I am saying, their just as much as part of the evil Didio regime as editorial themselves:(

    What boggles my mind, is that Johns writes JL, yet also writes Aquaman, and Green Lantern, all at the same time. Now I'm currently reading GL, I'll own up to it. Mostly because its featuring one of my favorite GL villains, Black Hand. This is his summer folks, so I'm interested in where this is going, Third Army aside.

    As or the others, I've only dabbled in the LoSH stories, but I did enjoy the original Abnett/Lanning Legion Lost maxi, even though that series had its share of haters.

    Green Arrow is also a shell of his former self, with a hideous Smallville-inspired costume and a unnecessary re-telling of his origin. Didn't Diggle and Jock just do one like, what 5-6 years ago?Here's hoping that the new 'Arrow' series from the CW is just as good as the trailer. Maybe GA can get back to what made him great in the 1st place, but again, not with this regime.

    Anyways, congrats on cutting the dead weight Dan. Now you'll have extra cash to pay for midget hookers and action figures. And just think, you can pose both all day long, or in the case of the hookers, however much money you have:)

  5. Thanks for the comments all. TKM Fatale was actually my original second for G.A. Loving that book. The kick off to tge second arc recently being my favourite issue so far. Let me know what you think of Aquaman if you give it a try.

    Dave - Yeah back issue bins are always great for an escape into aren't they. Hardcase though, in my first written draft I actually used 'sucks balls' on one of the above, but rewrote it to explain a but more why.

    Dougie sad to hear you're not digging the League either. Kind of a sad let down after all this time waiting for an a listcteam and roster huh? As for Harmonia, I have to admit I'm liking the focus on other characters now and a bit more action for Cosmic Boy.

  6. Dale yip I'd say that's not so subtle lol but you're so right about the mischaracterisation. Wonder Woman alone is a sword happy opposite to the awesomeness currently going on in her own book. Is this the League we really want a movie of?

    I hope folks check out the original Legion Lost too - I loved that mini series! Diggle and Jocks Green Arrow Year One too, for simillar reasons.

    As for midget hookers and action figures I don't think I'm making enough to roll in the highlife of Willy Wonka just yet. Might start with the chocolate waterfall first anyway mate (sorry gym).

  7. you can write "suck balls" all you want on your blog Dan. i'm just not gonna be responsible for what happens next :) by the way i came across some awesome ROM/Micronaut fan art today done by an artist who has your last name. i'll post it later today your time. hey man, how about doing some Suicide Squad fan art? cmon mate i'll even color it for ya if ya want. speaking of which, i got something coming up on that front too.

  8. Ha, ha, just watch out for the dead, fat German boy floating by:)

  9. Thanks guys! Dave I've actually been looking to get back into doing some drawing for a while. Tell ya what, if I don't end up going away this weekend I'll definitely get something started with an S.S. theme.