Tuesday, July 10, 2012

COVER SHOTS: The Best From DC Comics' October 2012 Solicitations

Performance appraisals at DC Comics: "What actions have you taken that contributed towards the company's success?" "I urmm, peed in the air conditioning vents of Jim Lee's car, sent emails saying how much I actually love Marvel from DiDio's email address, and oh yeah, I'm the person that thought of putting Black Canary, Grifter, Deathstroke and Amanda Waller together in Team 7, launching in October".

Regardless of anything that comes before it, the employee that says that last line should be given a pay-cheque with bonuses that would even make Geoff Johns blush. As I've said before, Team 7's frickin' genius. That aside, the best three covers from the rest of DC's October 2012 solicitations, look something like this.


Ed Benes may have his detractors in drawing the female form, but hot damn when he reigns the overkill T&A in a little does it show off the true talent beneath. Just look here, what's better? Batgirl or that insane detail behind her?

DC says: The first meeting between Batgirl and Catwoman in The New 52! Plus, the Talon that Barbara faced during Night of the Owls is back for revenge!

CLOSE CONTENDERS: (Click to enlarge)

Francis Manapul - The Flash #13 Kicking off the Gorrilla Warfare arc, this cover is also a pretty sweet poster for all that's happened in the series so far.
Ivan Reis - Green Lantern #13 Reis back on GL, new characters for it's Rise of the Third Army story-arc, but the one aspect that rocks more than anything? This awesome solo cover is actually part of the crossover's interacting covers image (and we all know how addictive those things are). See full image below.

 What do you think?  Sound off below. For October 2012 solicits from other publishers as they're released click here, or for DC's full October line-up, follow the jump! As for the below, just click to enlarge!


  1. What an amazing puzzle of covers!
    Best since Brightest Day.
    "but hot damn when he reigns the overkill T&A in a little does it show off the true talent beneath."
    What does T&A mean?

  2. You're asking that for realz? Tits and Ass A, Tits and Ass:)

    Damn Ed Benes has come a long way from when he first started out, then his wildstorm days, to now. That amount of detail is simply phenomenal, and oh yeah, Batgirl looks good too:)

    Idk about pissing in Jim Lee's vents, but I'd like to take a shot or two at Didio and Johns' cups/glasses myself.

    Too bad the business practices of DC can't match the awesome artwork of their artists, then we'd all be more happier from it.

  3. There you go Aliera, Dale's already come to your aid with the answer. I swear he's the best wingman in the biz.

    You're right about the inter-connecting covers. Watch out though, Marvel's Avengers books are getting some as Bendis wraps his Avengers run and they look just as promising!

    This year has definitely been a controversial year for DC huh Dale - you have to wonder what they will follow Before Watchmen with. I'd hope for an implosion of characters thought lost. Wally West, The Spectre... get back some of that depth.

  4. Aww you're too kind Dan my man:)

    And yes, Marvel's finally stepping up their game, as it does look alot more promising for what they have coming down the pike. And yes I wasn't too thrilled with the intial pic, but I'm willing to give them some more leeway here.

    As for bringing back Wally, the Spectre, and more? Hells yeah DC make it happen! They could've easily, and still might, bring back the Spectre during their "Trinity War" or whatever. As for poor Wally, it's going to be interesting how he's brought back if he's even brought back at all. He might be brought back as a kid, or, as suggested from the CBR message boards, he's a Flash from a parallel World who finds himself stuck on the NuDCU. It could work.

    Speaking of the Spectre, did you watch his animated short on the JL:
    Crisis on two worlds DVD? I really liked how they made the whole thing look like a classic 70's grindhouse film.

  5. Dale, remind me to never make you mad. I've always said the artist on these books are larger than life.

    If this Marvel thing works out I'm going to cut my pull list to make room, GL Corps and Hawkman are the first to go. Even though Guy's uniform still out shines all Green Laterns.

  6. LOL! Thank you for the help, guys!
    It was for real I didn't know what it standed for and shamefully, it didn't ocurred to me.
    Now I know!

  7. And knowing's half the battle, GI JOE!!!!!!!

  8. I'm the same O.A. mind you I trimmed my DC books in March but there are now a few others I think I will kiss goodbye too. I'm also really enjoying Image right now too so that's an added incentive.

    Aliera, I'm sure Dale and I are glad we could corrupt your vocab a little more. Now you can go forth and spread the good news!