Saturday, July 28, 2012

DARK KNIGHT TRUELY RISES: The 150ft Poster That's Actually An Epic Painting

Anyone wonder why Museum staff get paid so much? I mean anyone who's ever been a fan of rock music has hung a poster or two in their time, and getting it right is a pretty simple task; pin in each corner, smooth it out as you go, and maybe a but of blue tack (or chewing gum) in the odd place if bubbles persist. See? Even the Mona Lisa would smile under skilled print hanging hands like that.

One crew that sure proved their handing craft lately, were the team behind this 150 foot advert for the flick The Dark Knight Rises. Oddly enough located on Park Avenue South, New York, near where Marvel used to make their monthlies, what really stopped traffic wasn't the iconic image, but the fact it was actually a 150 foot painting.

Look at the size of those guys in proportion to their art! Four guys doing family depriving sunrise to sunset painting, all in the name of Batman. Not only is it a champion effort, even Cindy Crawford never had it this good.


  1. Now that is impressing!

  2. I agree Aliera - what to paint something that close up then have it turn out so good is a feat in itself!